Blaugust 2015 – Blaugust Day 2

November is in August this year: I have joined Blaugust! Blaugust is basically NaBloPoMo, but it is even more cruel as it takes place in August and thus, during summer. NaBloPoMo actually happens every month, but I did it in November 2013 and November 2014 which is when NaNoWriMo is happening, during that gloomy cold month that I rather spend inside anyway.

Blaugust 2015

But even though I changed the month this year, I like sticking to weird traditions. Especially those that I started myself by accident. :p Back in 2013, I had done something like this for the first time, but only announced my plan on the second day. In 2014, I had wanted to write about NaBloPoMo on the first, but something else came up (Trove with some news, to be precise) and I delayed it until November 2. So this year, I am not even going to try to write about Blaugust on August 1. Also, as I was quite smart and planned ahead this time, I knew that Trove was streaming again on Friday and decided to write about that game on Friday. Tradition, you know?

In case you have not heard about Blaugust at all until now and only found out because I write about it (highly unlikely), don’t worry, you can start late! Join Blaugust on Anook and give it your best! There are no losers, and if you make it to 15 posts, you’ll be counted as a “Blaugust survivor” already! The posts also do not have to be one per day. If you want, post 31 on one day. The only thing you can’t do is post something like one-sentence posts. There’s a minimum requirement of 10 sentences. To be honest, that one isn’t too fair for people like me who tend to write very long sentences. ;)

 This post is part of Blaugust 2015.

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