GW2: 84 miniatures and their idle animations

Bookahnerk spent the second BWE trying to get as many miniatures as possible. Having a global* trading post helped a lot here. He was able to get almost all of those that were available except for Mini Ragar Shardhammer, Mini Skam Darkhoof and Mini Zojja (*sob* I would have loved to see her!).

Out of the humanoid minis, only a handful are female, by the way. For example, there are 11 male humans, 1 male human ghost and one female human, whose icon shows a man. We have 8 male norn miniatures and one female, Eir. Keep in mind that this is beta and I actually expect about 10 more female human minis and 7 more female norn minis to appear before launch. Everything else would be very weird, especially considering that the minis are really just that: Minis. Miniature versions of the character models that we use for playing ourselves. There’s no new art associated with it, I assume. Also, some minis don’t have proper animations yet. I’m not going to repeat the b-word here. ;) But we can see that the game is not ready yet as there are still things that need to be fixed… details, maybe, but still.

Anyway, it’s great to see how many there already are and I can’t wait to start collecting them all!

* By the way: Is it global or region-restricted (as in: Europe, USA,…)?


  1. I want Eir!
    and those imps at the end erm….maybe not lol. they seem super-hectic :)


  2. Outstanding work Bookahnerk!

    As I watching, it occurred to me how awesome it would be to eventually gain the ability to have more than one mini out at a time… perhaps a special achievement unlock at around level cap that permitted you to have 2 minis active at the same time.

    I will definitely be selectively collecting these – just the ones that suit my personal tastes, not for complete set.

    If the mini versions are any indication at all, then I’m going to really enjoy my asura engineer and ele.


    1. As I “was” watching,
      What can I say? Got a bit too enthusiastic and my vocabulator wordineering became comflabucated… *shrug* it happens…


      1. Tsk tsk. You need to write perfect English here, so that I can learn something. ;)

        I’m not sure if I really want to collect them all. I always say I want to but in the end, there’s usually so much stuff I want to buy that I never have enough gold (and buying gold is out of question ^^). So I usually settle for cheap ones and must-haves, which is very subjectively, of course.

        Two minis at a time… do you really think it’s a good idea to have two imps out? ;)


        1. Oh, yes please!

          (On an unrelated topic; my character choices got refined again during this last BWE… it now looks like I will be playing a sylvari necro and asura engineer as my “primary” characters and a sylvari warrior and asura elementalist as my “alts.” Thief came very, very close, but didn’t quite make the initial cut… I’m not sure Mrs ArcherAvatar will be playing anything except a charra elementalist at this point… she seems to have zeroed in on exactly what she wanted, and was quite happy with that combination. Looks like she’s all set to go.)


          1. Elementalist is the only class I haven’t even created in the BWEs. The amount of skills/attunements is just putting me off for now. It just gets too much for my brain and too overwhelming to have to memorize that many skills at once. I prefer the slow way of getting one skill after another, like the warrior does. No switching attunements here. Oddly enough, elementalist is still the class that’s the most popular, so others may not seem to have that problem (or they don’t care… either way ^^).

            I’ve now set to have two mains, warrior and mesmer – which combined give me enough skills to memorize, I guess. ;) One will definitely be asura, the other will very likely be asura as well. And I want a charr, I just haven’t decided which class it’ll be.


  3. I think collecting minis might be one of my addictions in Guild Wars 2. O_O

    The tough part will be to choose which one to go out with… So many cool ones. T_T

    Also, thank you Bookahnerk for taking the time to get the minis and making the video. :D


    1. Ha, right. I had an addon in WoW which let me click and it summoned one of my non-combat pets randomly. I’d definitely need something like that in GW2 as well. Although I’d probably set for something cute – an asura, most likely. ;)


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