Wintersday Giveaways 2015: Overview

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It is this time of the year again: Welcome to a new round of Wintersday Giveaways in our blog! Since some will overlap with the time they are active, I prepared this post here from where you can see when which giveaway will start, when they will end and so on. Please note that the links will not be active before the date the giveaway will run. So just bookmark this post and check back here once a week.

Wintersday Giveaways 2015

We prepared a little teaser image, so you can see what we will be giving away over the next few weeks. Not pictured is the Heart of Thorns Ultimate Edition code, though. A big thanks to ArenaNet for providing us the items and codes to give to you!

As you can also see, this is not only Guild Wars 2 related. We do have two “Blade & Soul” t-shirts as well as 10 Wildstar codes from gamescom 2015, 2 Wildstar t-shirts and 5 rowsdower keychains. All thanks to NCsoft and their German community manager who were so awesome to provide us with the items! :D

As to when we will give away which prizes… well, you’ll have to wait and see… :p Here is the schedule of the giveaways. The first link in each row will take you to the giveaway once it’s active. The second link will show you the end time of the giveaway in your local time.

Week 1: 29. November – 8. December

Week 2: 6. December – 15. December

Week 3: 13. December – 22. December

Week 4: 17. December – 25. December (midnight our time!)

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Es ist wieder soweit: Willkommen zu unseren Wintertag-Giveaways! Da die einzelnen Giveaways teilweise zeitlich überlappen, habe ich diesen Beitrag hier erstellt, damit ihr nur einen Link braucht, um den Überblick zu behalten. Von hier aus könnt ihr immer auf die aktuell offenen Giveaways klicken. Die entsprechenden Links werden aktiv, sobald die entsprechenden Giveaways gestartet sind.

Wintersday Giveaways 2015

Auf dem kleinen Teaserbild könnt ihr sehen, welche Gewinne euch erwarten werden. Nicht zu sehen ist allerdings die “Heart of Thorns”-Ultimate Edition. Noch einmal vielen Dank an ArenaNet, dass sie uns die Gewinne zur Verfügung gestellt haben!

Wie ihr auf dem Bild aber auch sehen könnt, ist das hier kein reines Guild Wars 2-Giveaway. Wir haben auch noch 2 “Blade & Soul” T-Shirts sowie 10 Wildstar Codes von der gamescom 2015, 2 Wildstar T-Shirts und 5 Rowsdower (haben die einen deutschen Namen? Ich spiele es nur auf englisch…) Schlüsselanhänger. Hierfür ein großes Dankeschön an NCsoft und vor allem an den deutschen Community Manager, Jan, für das Bereitstellen der Preise! :D

Was wann zu gewinnen sein wird, werden wir euch hier aber noch nicht verraten… :p Hier ist aber schon mal der “Terminplan” für die Giveaways. Der jeweils erste Link wird euch zu dem Giveaway führen, sobald es aktiv ist. Der zweite Link führt euch zur jeweiligen Endzeit der Giveaways.

Woche 1: 29. November – 8. Dezember

Woche 2: 6. Dezember – 15. Dezember

Woche 3: 13. Dezember – 22. Dezember

Woche 4: 17. Dezember – 25. Dezember (Mitternacht unserer Zeit)

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Personal highlights of Heart of Thorns

Heart of Thorns has been released for several weeks now and the shiny “newness” is wearing off. Instead of writing a full review – which I know I would start and never finish – I will just list a few of my personal highlights of this expansion.

First of all, it managed to suck me back into the game and even got to pull me away from Wildstar for a week. I also switched mains as my mesmer in combination with the chronomancer skills is so much fun again! The engineer finally got a hammer, so my charr advanced to “second main” which was previously covered by my asura warrior. The highlight here is that the elite specializations made some professions more fun for me.

Other than that, the guilds finally got some features that were sorely needed. I can read both my guilds’ chats simultaneously now which means that I can follow my German guild much better. Additionally, the message of the day is broadcast right into your chat tab when you log in which makes notifying your guild members of whatever is happening in the guild so much easier. Last but not least, the guild halls seem to be a great addition to the game as well.

GW2 Gilded Hollow Dragon Season

My favourite map so far is Verdant Brink. This may be because I have spent the most time there as for me, the meta event is much more intuitive than the other maps and their events are. I do not like the confusing levels of the map, though, with just some parts that are further up and some other areas down below that can be accessed with other areas that let your character die because you left the “playable area”. But overall, I enjoy playing on that map. The one thing I love about all the new maps – just as I do with the rest of the game – is once again the way the world looks! If only I could stop and take screenshots more often without being attacked by veterans or even champions. But other than that, it’s simply gorgeous to look at!

A smaller thing I like is the addition of the jumping pads from the bank to the Trading Post in Lion’s Arch. My huge charr looks a bit weird being a furry ball swirling through the air, but the asura are adorable! Asura-ball comes to my mind there. Anyway, it saves a few seconds of having to move your character, so it’s a fun thing that supports being lazy. Perfect. :)

GW2 Charr Furball

Being able to see the crafting professions on the login screen is another small feature that got added, but that makes my life so much easier! No longer do I have to try to memorize which character has which profession. Of course, I will memorize it automatically sooner or later, but eh, I still won’t complain about added convenience (same as with the jumping pads above).

And as the last point, one of the things that I expected to be a highlight but that turned out to be a disappointment, is Rata Novus. Once I heard that we can go there, I got so ridiculously excited and was imagining this great ancient asuran city (in ruins, of course, as I never even for a second imagined it to be filled with living asura) through which I could stroll for hours that may even look a bit like Rata Sum was supposed to look originally before they redesigned it.

You can see a few images of the original Rata Sum in the video.

Now, the way Rata Novus looks makes sense given the lore around it, but that still doesn’t help much. I am not going to write more about Rata Novus at this point, though, as I know there are still people out there who haven’t played that much yet and I don’t want to accidentally spoil anybody here (except for mentioning Rata Novus itself, of course ^^).

GW2 Rata Novus Fighting

This isn’t a complete list and it surely is very subjective. It’s just some of the bigger and smaller things that I have been enjoying in the last few weeks. :)

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Winterfest Event in Wildstar

Now that Halloween is gone, it’s time to look forward to the Wintersday festitivities. As much as I like Halloween (orange and green belong to my favourite colours, after all), I usually enjoy the Wintersday events more – mostly the one in Guild Wars 2 with its choir bell and yes, even the jumping puzzle! The one event puzzle I am actually able to complete on a regular basis! The colours and the music are also amazing and I just really like how peaceful everything looks as soon as you add a little snow (please note that I said “a little”).

Wildstar PTR Winterfest Thayd

However, this year Wildstar may actually become my favourite wintersday event. They have not had events in their first year after release. As far as I know, this was because they focused on polishing the game first. Now that they have done so and relaunched as a “free to play” title, they are also adding seasonal events. The Halloween one was their first and the atmosphere they created was amazing. They have recently put the Winterfest on their Public Test Realm, so I went there to check it out. Wildstar being Wildstar, I was expecting them to combine it with some irony and I am happy to report that I didn’t get disappointed at all. Of course, the Protostar Corporation is using this opportunity to spread the charm that we all know, the one called Consumerism, obviously. In fact, you even get to distract some pesky Aurin who insist on adding some spiritual nonsense to this perfect business opportunity. How dare they!

You can hear several of the Winterfest songs in this video.

Wildstar winterfest Rowsdower slippersOn the other hand, when it comes to the actual gameplay, I am not sure yet how much fun Wildstar’s events will be. I did the daily quests and while they were enjoyable, I am certain they will get boring once you have done them a couple of times. However, after looking at the rewards you can buy with the new in-game Winterfest currency, I also know that I will want to do the dailies! I need those slippers! Except for the hat (what is it with MMOs and bad hat design?), I like all the pieces of the respective outfit, especially on my Granok, but the slippers are simply awesome!  Rowsdowers are the murlocks and the quaggans of Wildstar, apparently. I wonder if I could furnish my complete house in Wildstar with Rowsdower items only… Hmm… Tempting.

But back to the gameplay. There is an instance with a public event, but I only entered it to watch the cinematic that plays – and then re-entered to replay the cinematic, so bookahnerk could see it, too. So the long-term fun kind of depends on how that event plays out. The Public Test Realm is down right now, so I can’t go check the event. Then again, I do actually want to keep something to explore for when it releases on the live client. But the atmosphere, the decorations and the music are amazing already, so I know that the spirit will be there, at least. Well, filled to the brim with consumerism, as mentioned above, but then it just fits perfectly that I really want and need to buy those shoes, right? ;) And in case the event and the dailies are boring, there will always be the Guild Wars 2 choir bell…


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My new second main character

Ever since playing an engineer in Warhammer Online, I have fallen in love with that style. The only thing I missed in Guild Wars 2, was the hammer-weapon. When ArenaNet announced that this would be the very weapon that the engineer gets with their elite specialization, I got very excited! Quite obviously, I had to try it during a beta weekend and I did fall in love again with that profession in general. So, now I switched up my “most played characters” in Guild Wars 2. My main characters are my mesmer (alternating between a shield and a weapon in her off-hand) and my charr engineer who is currently wielding two pistols and the elixir gun, as he’s still missing the hero points needed for the scrapper specialization.

I had originally created that character only for a column I was writing on GuildMag. But then I really loved the charr & engineer combination so much, that my asura engineer never got further than level 21. But since I had mainly created my charr in a way that he looks good on that header image for the column, I wasn’t too happy with his final look when I started to seriously play him. Now that I’m playing him again and intend to get him through Heart of Thorns as well, I grabbed a hairstyle kit that I still had in my bank and used it to make his look fit better to his personality while still kind of fitting to the colour scheme I chose for him. In case you are wondering: No, he can never be seen without his trusted loyal soldier companion. ;)

I still get very “nervous” when switching the look of my characters. It’s not so bad in games like Rift where you can do it with in-game currency. In Guild Wars 2, there is a real-money-fee tied to those kits… well, most of the time, at least. I got mine through black lion chest keys that I farmed when the level 10 farming was still possible. Anyway, since the free customizations are limited, I do want to be certain that this is the right look for my character. I am still not 100 % certain with Griphos, my engineer, but I still think it’s an improvement over the boring look he had before.

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Claiming Lost Precipice

Yesterday, our German guild had planned their first try to claim their guild hall. To be honest, we have kind of neglected those guys this year. We know each other from Warhammer Online where we even switched from Destruction to Order only to play with them. A step we never regretted! Of course, we also wanted to play Guild Wars 2 with them, but with being on different servers, it was kind of difficult to do. Since ArenaNet has changed to those “mega servers”, it’s become a lot easier! When playing with them yesterday, it was no issue at all that we’re on Aurora Glade and they are on Drakkar Lake.

GW2 Lost Precipice Guild Hall

Just as we did in Dragon Season, this guild also had a poll to choose which of the two available guild halls to claim. Unlike Dragon Season, the Drachenreiter made the correct choice, though, and 100 % had voted for Lost Precipice! Go them! :p

On the other hand, this means that once Dragon Season claimed their guild hall, I will get to see and visit both guild halls. That’s a little comfort, at least.

Anyway, the plan was to dip our toes into the event, see how it works, figure out what to do etc. The only information and “instruction” we had gotten was to get some buff food and focus on damage. I also used a Celebration booster and some other buff I don’t even remember. Yes, I admit that I usually ignore buffs, because I don’t need them for what I’m doing in the game (following my asura’s nose when wandering off into the wilds…).

I was there with my mesmer, Flummi (who just happens to be my main character again after three years). Together, we were 7 players: One norn, one sylvari and five asura. But with five asura around, this must be a success story, right? Yes! Right! – But when we first went in there and started, we were so lost and failed the first three events as we could not get the maws down in time. Our guild leader was probably already trying to schedule the next tries in the background at that point… ;) A few of us were not able to use the updrafts for moving around the maps, so they had to walk. Bookahnerk was one of them. Amazingly, he also happened to be among the first to reach the events on the map. Sneaky cheating thief!

As I said, we started with failing the first few events, but we still continued. From there on, it went really smooth, actually. Except for one event where we finished two seconds before the time ran out. :p I was really surprised once the final event had been done that this was it! I had expected it to be much more difficult even with more events to do. Don’t get me wrong! I was really happy and excited and it wasn’t easy either way! I just did not expect our small group of players to succeed on their first try, especially since we haven’t played together in ages. However, we were in voice chat the whole time to coordinate better.

Altogether, we had a really good time and enjoyed the process of claiming that guild hall. The first thing our guild leader did was unlock the tavern which surprised nobody. The only surprise we had was when we saw the prices – or rather, the items needed – to unlock and upgrade the guild hall. Dragon Season is quite a big guild, but our German one isn’t. So we’ll see how much we can get unlocked and built in there in the near future. But hey, we’ve got a tavern. I won’t complain.

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