WoW: Say cheeeeese!

Now who's more photogenic, eh? I like how silly World of Warcraft is sometimes. I had seen that they implemented the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera some time ago, but both my characters received their very own ones in the game today. Oddly enough, despite it being very silly, it's not really breaking the immersion for me. Maybe … Continue reading WoW: Say cheeeeese!

trove feature image

Trove Robo Raptor mount

Sometimes, I can't believe my luck. I had a look at the dev trackers I'm following earlier today (for Guild Wars 2, Trove and Rift) and saw this post where Ocho explains that the Robo Raptor mount in Trove is an exclusive giveaway item they are handing out to streamers in order to help promote … Continue reading Trove Robo Raptor mount

Rift_Nightmare Tide Massive Petaled Coral

Nightmare Tide CE’s dimension items and Bloop

With the expansion being postponed, my plans to play said expansion during my vacation (it was a coincidence that my 5 day vacation was exactly when the expansion should have been released. I thankfully did not take days off to play that one! ^^) were almost cancelled. That is, until I realized that the expansion … Continue reading Nightmare Tide CE’s dimension items and Bloop

Rift Ducklar Companion

Rift: Ducklar Companion

Last week, I won a Ducklar companion during Rift's livestream. Funnily enough, right after I had won that companion, they gave away the Ultimate Nightmare Edition of the upcoming expansion (which costs 134,99€!). We were joking how great it would be if bookahnerk won that one (I already bought the cheaper one - Infusion Edition … Continue reading Rift: Ducklar Companion

New hairstyles for GW2 characters

The latest patch came yesterday and it did not bring new living story achievements to hunt for. I find that quite refreshing as it lets me catch my breath a bit. There was not that much in the patch, but what did come were new hairstyles. This finally made me use the Total Makeover Kit … Continue reading New hairstyles for GW2 characters


Rift: Carnival companion picture gallery

(April 2, 2017: This picture gallery may be old, but it is still up to date concerning the Carnival Celebration Crates, the achievement as well as the looks of the companion pets!) The "Carnival of the Ascended" just went into its second week. This was originally meant to be the final week, but due to … Continue reading Rift: Carnival companion picture gallery

GW2 Costume Brawl Plush Griffon

Costume Brawl without spending gems?

Update (September 28): This guide does not yet include the quaggan tonics. I will add them in later. I bought the pirate outfit from the gem store some time ago. Funny thing is I had totally forgotten about that afterwards and was surprised when I saw that my charr engineer wasn't wearing his town clothes … Continue reading Costume Brawl without spending gems?

Bazaar Mini Quaggans

Some time ago, I was eyeing that blue quaggan backpack. In the meantime, I had bought a striped tiger one as I could get that one for gold. When I finally bought a gem card, I wasn't so sure anymore that I wanted the blue quaggan backpack anymore. The tiger one looked great on my … Continue reading Bazaar Mini Quaggans

Plush Tybalt Backpack

I've been drooling over the plush tybalt backpack ever since I first read a post on reddit that this is in the game data. Now it's finally here and bookahnerk bought two of them. One for me and one for himself. Since our main characters* both joined the Order of Whispers, this serves as a … Continue reading Plush Tybalt Backpack

Crab Toss – Skill Overview

Southsun Cove basically got "relaunched" and for a few weeks, we can enjoy the mini game "Crab Toss". Unfortunately, this is just a temporary addition to the game. Either way, it's there now for us to play. In order to enter, you speak with the NPC "Karlotta" on the small island north of "Sawtooth Bay" … Continue reading Crab Toss – Skill Overview