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Project Gorgon: First impression – Blaugust Day 4

I have seen the name “Project Gorgon” quite often before, but never actually read what it was about. But after reading Syp’s impressions, I figured it’s time to try it out myself. They have started their Kickstarter campaign, but you

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Post-launch Impressions: Is Trove a good game?

Trove launched last Thursday and a lot of people are curious whether this game is any good. I will try to give you an impression of the game, but will try to keep it short(ish). There is a quite simple

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Trove: Open Beta Impressions Review

Trove Dungeon Dracolich

Update (July 18, 2015): This post is outdated! Go here for a newer blog post. Trove is the first game that I have been following this closely since alpha. And so it’s probably not a big surprise that it did

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Trove: Second Impressions Review


Update (July 12, 2015): This post is outdated! Go here to read the latest impressions piece about Trove! Back in alpha, I already wrote about my first impressions. Now that Trove is in beta, I figured I should do another

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First impressions: Trove

Trove Alpha Screenshot

Update (October 17, 2014): Trove is in closed beta and I have just posted a newer impressions piece. Please have a look at this one, too, if you want to know what I think about the game. A few days

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Heart of Thorns LaunchOctober 23rd, 2015
1 month to go.

All of my posts this month belong to the Blaugust 2015 event. You can join at any point during August if you like!

Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

Here is my latest review of Trove and here are some helpful tips for Trove to get you started. :)

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