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Trove: Open Beta Impressions Review

Trove Dungeon Dracolich

Trove is the first game that I have been following this closely since alpha. And so it’s probably not a big surprise that it did not only get a “First Impressions Review” (in alpha), but a Second Impressions Review (in

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Trove: Second Impressions Review


Update (February 2015): There is a newer impressions piece about Trove here. Back in alpha, I already wrote about my first impressions. Now that Trove is in beta, I figured I should do another impressions piece. As always, I rather

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First impressions: Trove

Trove Alpha Screenshot

Update (October 17, 2014): Trove is in closed beta and I have just posted a newer impressions piece. Please have a look at this one, too, if you want to know what I think about the game. A few days

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Wildstar: First Impressions

Wildstar Beta

Carbine Studios lifted the NDA for Wildstar some days ago, so I can finally share my impressions about this game. This also includes screenshots with watermarks, so this is what you’ll see here. I have tried to include new ones

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First Impressions: Folk Tale (Alpha Version)

Folk Tale

Folk Tale is currently on Steam’s Early Access and it is an alpha version! Keep this in mind when reading my post about the game. I had first heard about Folk Tale when I had tried out Steam’s Greenlight for

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Trove officially launchesJuly 9th, 2015
4 days to go.

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