Guild Wars 2: Regions by level

(This list was last updated: August 24, 2022)

I was curious where I could go with my level and found it a bit difficult to spot the level range on the map. I know I can always “downlevel” to zones below my level. That means that the “1-15” does not tell you to leave Plains of Ashford once you’re level 16 or 17. You can stay there as long as you want because your level will be adjusted to the current area you are in. You will not be levelled up in PvE, though! I have already set foot into a high level area with Flummi and she didn’t feel comfortable at all in there. Neither did the poor guy in Kessex Hills with level 16 when he was surrounded by level 24 mobs. Sure, you can enter with level 15, but you should be aware of your surroundings as the mobs can be much higher in level than you are in some corners.

Region Explorable zone Level range
Ascalon Plains of Ashford 1-15
Maguuma Jungle Caledon Forest 1-15
Maguuma Jungle Metrica Province 1-15
Shiverpeak Mountains Wayfarer Foothills 1-15
Kryta Queensdale 1-17
Ascalon Diessa Plateau 15-25
Kryta Kessex Hills 15-25
Maguuma Jungle Brisban Wildlands 15-25
Shiverpeaks Mountains Snowden Drifts 15-25
Kryta Gendarran Fields 25-35
Shiverpeak Mountains Lornar's Pass 25-40
Ascalon Fields of Ruin 30-40
Kryta Harathi Hinterlands 35-45
Ascalon Blazeridge Steppes 40-50
Shiverpeak Mountains Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50
Kryta Bloodtide Coast 45-55
Ascalon Iron Marches 50-60
Shiverpeak Mountains Timberline Falls 50-60
Maguuma Jungle Sparkfly Fen 55-65
Ascalon Fireheart Rise 60-70
Maguuma Jungle Mount Maelstrom 60-70
Ruins of Orr Straits of Devastation 70-75
Shiverpeak Mountains Frostgorge Sound 70-80
Ruins of Orr Malchor's Leap 75-80

Level 80 content:

Region Explorable zone Level
Ruins of Orr Cursed Shore (accessible to everybody) and Siren's Landing (requires the Heart of Thorns expansion) 80
Ascalon Grothmar Valley (requires the Path of Fire expansion) 80
Sea of Sorrows Southsun Cove (accessible to everybody) 80
Heart of Maguuma  Auric Basin, Bloodstone Fen, Dragon's Stand, Tangled Depths and Verdant Brink (all require the Heart of Thorns expansion) 80
Maguuma Wastes Dry Top and The Silverwastes (all require the Heart of Thorns expansion) 80
Ring of Fire Draconis Mons and Ember Bay (all require the Heart of Thorns expansion) 80
Shiverpeak Mountains Bitterfrost Frontier (requires the Heart of Thorns expansion), Thunderhead Peaks, Bjora Marches and Drizzlewood Coast (require the Path of Fire expansion) 80
Kryta  Lake Doric (requires the Heart of Thorns expansion) 80
Crystal Desert Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Domain of Istan, Domain of Kourna, Domain of Vabbi, Elon Riverlands, Jahai Bluffs, Sandswept Isles, The Desolation and Dragonfall (all require the Path of Fire expansion) 80
Cantha Seitung Province, New Kaineng City, The Echovald Wilds and Dragon's End (all require the End of Dragons expansion) 80


I have mostly played through the starting areas so far (sylvari and asura) and ran through the human starter area to grab a few waypoints. I really loved Skrittsburgh in Brisban Wildlands, but haven’t seen or been to much other areas there. Looking at this list makes me realize how much I have missed already and I am only level 23. There’s definitely enough content to run through the zones again with another alt or two… and then there are dynamic events which means I probably haven’t seen everything anyway. Very nice! This game is making me want to explore and do nothing else and it rewards me with everything I need to reach max. level.


  1. Thanks for the list!

    Yes, it does seem to have a lot of areas to explore even if you have altitis *coughs*likeme*coughs* so it should keep people busy for a while if they are the explorer types. Kahlef is about level 30ish now and he still didn’t complete Diessa Plateau! Granted I’ve been taking a few detours through the newbie zones to get more leather and other crafting materials…


    1. Amazingly, I have sticked with my mesmer all this time. I did create 6 alts, but I have only played them to get out of the tutorial and I played my warrior for a bit (level 5 or so). I am already looking forward to trying out the different classes, though.

      I think I have only completed Metrica Province (as in: did all the heart events, vistas, waypoints and PoIs).

      I’m behind on tailoring and would love to keep up, but I guess I’ll just let my warror pick up what my mesmer is still missing. ;)


      1. I am suprised that I’ve been sticking so well to my engineer too and resisting to avoid making more characters (I only have the thief as an alt now). Though it can be hard with all the talk in guild chat. I keep getting tempted to make other characters to have fun with other classes too and see the other races personal storylines! :)

        I’ve completed the newbie charr area and the norn one so far (one day I will remember their names!), including jumping puzzles on both. Mostly my fast leveling has been due to trying to keep up with the crafting which has been giving me far more XP than I anticipated. Couple it with going to other areas to hunt for materials and I have been leveling much faster than I was planning to. And I am even kinda behind the crafting levels too!


        1. I have 7 of my 8 character slots occupied. ^^ The 8th is a name safe for now as I’m keeping it to show the game to a friend. After she’s seen the game – and hopefully decided to get it herself… I’d love to play an MMO with her again! – this slot will go to my Charr engineer.

          I have not done any jumping puzzles. I have not found any of them and I haven’t looked for where to find them either. ;) I think I’ll get to that when I’m 80.

          My goal right now is to get Flummi to 30 at which point she’s ready to experience her first dungeon. Then I’m going to level up my warrior, Paerjja, and maybe… one day… I will decide on which profession I like more. So far, I really can’t decide.


          1. I’ve pondered about just creating all the characters I want now not just to save the names but also so I could just hop around as the mood hit. But I just like seeing those cinematics of character creation so I am holding off. :)

            I hear ya about loving to play an MMO again with old friends. Some of mine are still not playing it and I am waiting until there is a trial or something so I can convince them to give it at least a try. I would love to see all of us playing the same MMO again and just enjoying our time with it.

            I found those two jumping puzzles by accident. I saw some uncovered points on my map, got there and found places that looked suspiciously meant for jumping around. So I did it and much to my surprise succeeded! :D

            My goals now are to play a bit more of my thief, get to the next rank of crafting with Kahlef and doing a more of both of their personal storylines. As for professions I don’t know if there is one that I like more. I just like all of them (well, the ones I am intending to create anyway) equally for different reasons.


          2. I’ve done it to save the names and, in case we get birthday presents again for our characters, to get those presents as early as possible.

            I may delete and recreate my human guardian, though. I am not 100% happy with how she looks and I know this will annoy me to no end. ;) I’m waiting until tomorrow, though, because that’s when my own birthday will be and I think it’s cool to have my character’s birthday on mine. Yes, I’m silly like that. ;) My Charr engineer will also be created tomorrow, after I’ve had a chance to show the game to my friend.

            I dislike tailoring at the moment. I just can’t seem to get above skill 49. Well, I could, if I decided to run through the low level area again, just to get the cloth. But that’s not how I’m playing the game. I do not want to feel forced to do anything. So, I’m just hoping I’m the lucky one that’s allowed to access the trading post any time soon… ;)


    1. I really love projects like that, so I’m glad they’re still around (I’d bookmarked it at one point, I think, but forgotten about it until bookahnerk gave me the link again to include here).


  2. Ooh thank you for sharing that list! I was finding it difficult to figure out what areas were level appropriate for me, it often involved zooming in and out of the map until I could see that level ranges in different areas, they weren’t all visible at certain levels of zoom.


    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad it can help others, too. :) And that’s exactly why I wanted a list. The map in the game is nice, but not that helpful when you want to have a fast overview of where you could go now.


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