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My Mini-Mes (November 2018)

I saw Tyler from Superior Realities's posts about his stable of characters (impressive!) and decided I'd do the same or something similar. After searching through my own blog, I found that I last did that in August 2015. I am going to focus on my most played characters instead of showing my whole stable, as … Continue reading My Mini-Mes (November 2018)

Paeroka’s Ponderings: Goodbye, Rift?

As some of you know, I love Trion Worlds and the games they have created - well, most of them, at least. I have not always agreed with their decisions, but I don't expect to do so. They are in it to earn money, after all (employees want that to afford a roof above their … Continue reading Paeroka’s Ponderings: Goodbye, Rift?

Rift_Meffanda rogue level 50

Finally level 50 again

I've finally made it to level 50 on Rift Prime. That is after the expansion launched which raises the maximum level to 60. And it was mostly because I made the last two levels by doing quests in the two new starter regions of the expansions. I would say that it took me so long … Continue reading Finally level 50 again

Please give me Rift Wars 2 (Blaugust Post 6)

If Rift and Guild Wars 2 had a baby, I would probably end up with my perfect MMO. Both games have features that I really love while also missing the mark in other areas. Together, however, it'd be great. I love Rift's open world. Switching between continents gives you a loading screen, but other than … Continue reading Please give me Rift Wars 2 (Blaugust Post 6)

Defiance 2050

Summer of MMOs: Rift, Defiance, Guild Wars 2

My little rogue in Rift (Prime) is still little. Well, she is a dwarf, but she still hasn't reached the level cap yet. Ember Isle has been released on Prime and since I never experienced this region when the level cap was at 50, I would actually really like to make it there. But levelling … Continue reading Summer of MMOs: Rift, Defiance, Guild Wars 2

Rift Greater Vicious Wyvern Beastmaster Pet

Pet classes and MMOs

I have often seen people ask "Will there be a pet class?" before an MMO released and it appears that this is the deciding factor in whether they're interested in the game. I personally am torn when it comes to these classes: I actually enjoy playing a pet class sometimes, but not as my main … Continue reading Pet classes and MMOs

Rift Prime First Impressions

First Impressions of Rift Prime

First things first, for those following my "hand issues": In case you're wondering why and how I can even get in some gaming time: With a trackball mouse for my left hand, and having to stay away from the PC as well as handwriting while only unpacking moving boxes and moving around shelves in the … Continue reading First Impressions of Rift Prime

Fireworks 2nd anniversary

7th Anniversary Giveaway for 5th Anniversary Snail in Rift!

The first Nerdy Bookahs blog post appeared on March 12, 2011. The first postings were all about Rift, before I started writing about other games (most prominently Guild Wars 2, of course!). A lot has happened in these past few years. I started a new job, quit that job, started a new job, started another … Continue reading 7th Anniversary Giveaway for 5th Anniversary Snail in Rift!

Rift_Beta_Eth chloromancer

Rift Prime and Nostalgia

Trion chose a perfect time to launch their Rift Prime server. The game originally launched in March 2011 - and this little blog here got started in March 2011 as well. This is not a coincidence, however, as Rift (and the upcoming Guild Wars 2) was the main content I wrote about at that point. … Continue reading Rift Prime and Nostalgia

Rift Eth Mage and Cleric

Log in to your Trion games to save your names!

First things first: Trion is not deleting any characters or their progress! They are, however, deleting names of inactive characters. This means that if you have not logged in with that specific character in the last year you are going to lose his or her name after January 31, 2018 before midnight, Pacific Time UTC … Continue reading Log in to your Trion games to save your names!