Lotro Scenery Lone-lands

Lotro: Levelling in the Lone-lands

My hobbit guardian is still only level 27. I really wish there'd be an action-camera mode like there is in ESO and Guild Wars 2, as that removes some strain for my hand. But even though my levelling pace is very slow, I like revisiting all the older zones. I've seen the starting area often … Continue reading Lotro: Levelling in the Lone-lands

gw2 all or nothing first part

Games I want to play again this year

I know that if there is one thing I don't have, it's time. Free time, that is, that I can devote to things like gaming. On the other hand, when I want to relax in the evening, there is hardly anything better than gaming... At least, when comparing that to what lots of other adults … Continue reading Games I want to play again this year

Surviving Mars

Personal Top 11 of 2018

The last time I've done such a list was in 2016. I started this blog post with the title as "top X", because I have no idea how many games this list will have in the end. When trying to figure out which games should be on the list, my first stop was my Steam … Continue reading Personal Top 11 of 2018

Winter game sales 2018

You may remember that I participated in IntPiPoMo. Not only did this lead to finally posting Guild Wars 2 galleries again (this time for the new Lion's Arch and Lake Doric), but I also won a $10 Steam gift coupon. Once again, thank you, Chestnut, for not only organizing and hosting this event, but also … Continue reading Winter game sales 2018


Why is LotRO still this appealing?

It was supposed to be a quick nostalgic look at Lord of the Rings Online again, after I heard about Trion being sold to gamigo. I had wanted to give Elder Scrolls Online another try instead of playing Rift. I did do that and I am still playing ESO every couple of days. But at … Continue reading Why is LotRO still this appealing?

Christmas baking: Spekulatius and chocolaty chocolate cookies

I recently translated two of my Christmas cookie recipes into English and decided to post them here as well in case somebody else wants to give them a try. The Spekulatius ones are always popular and usually gone too fast. The chocolately-chocolate ones are great if you're into dark chocolate as there's lots of it … Continue reading Christmas baking: Spekulatius and chocolaty chocolate cookies

Wildstar PTR Winterfest Thayd

Now for real: Goodbye, Wildstar

I just logged into Wildstar - for the last time, I guess, as the game is shutting down tomorrow. I wanted to take a few last screenshots of the characters I've played. I rode through Thayd, the Exile's city, and did not see many other players around. Then again, the game is shutting down because … Continue reading Now for real: Goodbye, Wildstar

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

My new and improved Mini-Me in Elder Scrolls Online

Just a few days ago, I showed you my characters in Elder Scrolls Online (among my other mains in other MMOs). I hadn't played the game lately, because LotRO snuck up with its legendary server instead. Unfortunately, LotRO doesn't have an action camera mode, so playing actually hurts my hand and I need to be … Continue reading My new and improved Mini-Me in Elder Scrolls Online

Lotro Hobbit Guardian

My Mini-Mes (November 2018)

I saw Tyler from Superior Realities's posts about his stable of characters (impressive!) and decided I'd do the same or something similar. After searching through my own blog, I found that I last did that in August 2015. I am going to focus on my most played characters instead of showing my whole stable, as … Continue reading My Mini-Mes (November 2018)

GW2 New Lion's Arch

New Lion’s Arch

Can you believe that after all the screenshot galleries I've made for Lion's Arch in its various stages, I have never made one of the rebuild town? You can see the original Lion's Arch in this post (from April 2012). About two years later, in February 2014, I made a second gallery because I felt … Continue reading New Lion’s Arch