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Personal highlights of Heart of Thorns

Heart of Thorns has been released for several weeks now and the shiny “newness” is wearing off. Instead of writing a full review – which I know I would start and never finish – I will just list a few

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Winterfest Event in Wildstar

Now that Halloween is gone, it’s time to look forward to the Wintersday festitivities. As much as I like Halloween (orange and green belong to my favourite colours, after all), I usually enjoy the Wintersday events more – mostly the

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My new second main character

Ever since playing an engineer in Warhammer Online, I have fallen in love with that style. The only thing I missed in Guild Wars 2, was the hammer-weapon. When ArenaNet announced that this would be the very weapon that the

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Claiming Lost Precipice

Yesterday, our German guild had planned their first try to claim their guild hall. To be honest, we have kind of neglected those guys this year. We know each other from Warhammer Online where we even switched from Destruction to

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Halloween in Wildstar

Wildstar Quiet Downs

Shade’s Eve, Wildstar’s version of Halloween, started earlier this week. It features a new little instance and some quests in the two factions’ main cities. I did try the instance, but eventually gave up. I assume it’s a mix of

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