Short term goals in Guild Wars 2

I am still loving the latest expansion for Guild Wars 2! It’s just that with the small amount of gaming time that I have, I do not always decide to play Guild Wars 2. Recently, I spent quite some time rediscovering Project Hospital and then there is also Hexarchy, to which I have access already because I backed the game on Kickstarter. And even when I do play Guild Wars 2, there just isn’t much time.

My warrior finished the story of End of Dragons and she has the new elite specialization, the Bladesworn, unlocked. I am not a fan of that specialization’s playstyle, though – not compared to the Berserker, at least. But my engineer… he wants the new elite specialization, the Mechanist! And I am giving the guardian another chance. After one try each year since the game released (approximately, possibly more) and the third guardian character that I created (I did not like my human nor my asura guardian and am now giving the sylvari guardian a chance)… one would think I am ready to give up. But in theory, I should like that class! I have no idea why I don’t – or didn’t. So hopefully, the sylvari will change that now… or one of the elite specializations.

I am not sure yet which specialization I want for my guardian. I just assume that I do want one of them. Is there even a profession where the base specializations are still “viable enough”? I guess for just playing on my own, they all are, because in general, I haven’t seen a change in the mentality of “play the way that is the most fun for you”. Unless you want to do raids or play in WvW/sPvP, I assume. But I don’t like the feeling of handycapping myself when the elite specializations give you better DPS or more survivability – or more fun! The Dragonhunter could be fun, as it comes with the longbow and I general prefer ranged combat in Guild Wars 2. It’s just easier to see where I’m going, what I’m doing and I don’t need to pay that much attention to stay in range in order to attack properly. So unlocking the Dragonhunter as well as finishing unlocking the Mechanist is on my to do list.

I have not spent much time with fishing even though I thought I would. Part of that is that it doesn’t feel like I’m progressing when I fish. Instead, I need to play through the expansion, collect mastery points and experience in order to unlock the fishing mastery. I think I would like it better if unlocking the masteries happened through fishing alone. But that’s not a big complaint. Just something I noticed that feels a bit off compared to how it works in other games. I am torn between just going fishing and unlocking all of the mastery track first which happens by playing the expansion content itself and collecting mastery points. Then again, I can just fish in the easier areas and try to collect some achievements there.

But first, the elite specializations for my engineer and my guardian!



  1. Guardians are a bit point blank AoE, alas. Their ranged options aren’t ideal, and even my favorite scepter/focus or torch combo has been a little bit nerfed over time. They can switch between melee and ranged quite flexibly, I do it all the time in the open world, but a big part of their damage tends to either come from spin-to-win (greatsword and traps for DH) or the application of circular fire explosions for the firebrand.

    Still worth a try, blue class is Anet’s supremely balanced favorite child, but if it doesn’t quite work for you, there may be a playstyle preference why.

    Mechanist is pretty good for those who like ranged/pet class – to me, it feels a bit like ranger pet and pewpew between the mech and the pistol and grenades, except the pet can actually hit hard. Mace spam is pretty brain-off low intensity too, if one can safely melee.

    Two other nice ranged specs that have come with EoD are harbinger and virtuoso, so those may be worth consideration if both engi and guardian specs don’t quite float your boat.

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    1. I’m not looking for a new main – I’m staying with my warrior berserker. Just some variation which comes with my engineer. I stopped liking my mesmer at some point when it became too… I don’t even have a word for it. The changes for once and trying to keep up with them (illusions, clones, etc.), but most of all the mechanics. I only read the description of virtuoso and it turned me off right away. The necromancer… oh dear. I should love the class and I do – except for the shroud skills. I can’t ever memorize what they do and when I’m in the game, I have to read the tooltips quickly before the resource runs out and I return to the non-shroud skills. Super annoying.

      What’s a “blue class”?

      I tried out the Mechanist during one of the beta weekends and really liked the playstyle. I am a fan of ranged with pet. I just don’t like playing it all of the time. So, it’s a perfect alt, just not a perfect main character for me. :)


      1. Blue class is just a jokey way of saying “guardian” because its theme is so blue-colored all around, just like mesmers are purple.

        I hear you on regular mesmers. I can’t cope with a single clone thing, which is why I rarely played them. Virtuoso really simplifies the class to a point of tolerance for me though. It’s “make a phantasm and let it hit stuff” and meanwhile, press F1 or F2 to shoot dagger things. Throw in some other dagger skills to fill time. A bit like ranged DH. :)

        I really like how EoD gave a bunch of classes simpler to play specs, despite outcry from those who feel piano-playing is a badge of honour. Engineer was another one I couldn’t deal with, all those potential buttons that could be pressed at one go. Mechanist made it very enjoyable. It’s nice to have options – simple or complex as preferred.

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