ESO: Gloomspore Guar Calf in my Crate

Today’s login reward (if you logged on every day this month) is a preview of the Gloomspore Crate. The reward in that is the Gloomspore Guar Calf, a non-combat pet. I just love guars so much! My Argonian has the Guar mount (the Glowgill Guar) and usually the Hot Pepper Bantam Guar with her. Now she can choose between the other and this one.

I love when MMOs have a good variety of mounts and non-combat pets to choose from, so my characters can all have different ones out depending on the class and/or the race I chose.

However, as much as I like the variety, I dislike that so many mounts and non-combat pets in ESO come from crates which are purchased with real money! At the same time, there are often Twitch drops avilable (if you connect your Twitch account with your ESO account, you can receive a crate if you watch one of the Elder Scrolls Online streams) and we often get one preview crate when a new crate comes out. So far, I’ve bought one non-combat pet. All others came from crates I received for free. So, this means that I hate that it’s crates and shop-only but since you can receive so many free crates, I don’t really hate it after all, I guess?