The Big “Trion Worlds Games” Giveaway

As a welcome to the Content Creator Program, we received a bunch of codes for each of Trion’s games! I don’t even know if we have readers from all of their games, but we will still give away the codes here. Since it’s a long list and lots of things, I will try to keep everything as short and easy as possible. You will find pictures of some of the prizes below as well, in case you want to see what you can get first. :)

Here’s the list of prizes

  • ArcheAge: 2x Skywhisper Glider & Oathbound Plate (2 prizes in total)
  • Atlas Reactor: 2x Gray’s Citadel Style (2 prizes in total)
  • Defiance: 2x APS Envoy Outfit and Headgear & Blue/Red Challenger Vehicle (2 prizes in total)
  • Devilian: 2x Shimmering Devil Wings (2 prizes in total)
  • Trove: 4x Streamer Dream Boxes (4 prizes in total)
  • RIFT: 2x Community Racing Snail as well as 2x Radar Corgi Pet (4 prizes in total – the mount and the companion are given away separately)
  • As well as 3x Closed Beta Invites for Atlas Reactor – A note: Atlas Reactor switched its business model to “buy to play”. So you will get beta access and can play throughout the beta, but once the game launches, you will need to buy it if you want to continue playing. The closed beta invites will be given away separately. You can read more about that in the rules section below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gallery above shows what can be in the Trove Streamer Dream box. One of those items will be what you will receive with said box. Below, there are screenshots for the prizes in Rift (The snail mount as well as the corgi companion – those are two separate prizes!), Atlas Reactor (Grey’s skin) and Devilian (those devil wings). I don’t have screenshots for the ArcheAge and Defiance prizes.

Rules and Important Notes

  1. One entry per person! Please stay fair!
  2. You can enter into any game’s giveaways. Leave a comment with the keywords for the appropriate categories (the categories are: ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, Defiance, Devilian, Trove, Rift). E.g., if you want to enter the giveaway for Rift, Trove and ArcheAge, you would comment with: Rift, Trove, ArcheAge. You can only win once per category.
  3. The closed beta access for Atlas Reactor is independent. Simply state that you want it (leave the keywords “Atlas Reactor Closed Beta” in the comment field). If there are more than 3 people entering for the closed beta access, we will randomly choose the winners.
  4. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else! Enter said email address into the “email” field, do not add it to the comment field as that one is public! We will send an email to the winners with the code/s you’ve won.
  5. The codes are also only valid for up to 30 days after we received them (so probably around 22 more days when you get them). It’s probably best for you to enter them right away at the official website.
  6. No debating about the outcome! We will randomly choose the winners.
  7. This giveaway will run from today until 6. August (9 pm our time!). Click the link to check for the time in your timezone.

Last but not least, good luck to everybody who participates!


Wintersday Giveaways 2015: Overview

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It is this time of the year again: Welcome to a new round of Wintersday Giveaways in our blog! Since some will overlap with the time they are active, I prepared this post here from where you can see when which giveaway will start, when they will end and so on. Please note that the links will not be active before the date the giveaway will run. So just bookmark this post and check back here once a week.

Wintersday Giveaways 2015

We prepared a little teaser image, so you can see what we will be giving away over the next few weeks. Not pictured is the Heart of Thorns Ultimate Edition code, though. A big thanks to ArenaNet for providing us the items and codes to give to you!

As you can also see, this is not only Guild Wars 2 related. We do have two “Blade & Soul” t-shirts as well as 10 Wildstar codes from gamescom 2015, 2 Wildstar t-shirts and 5 rowsdower keychains. All thanks to NCsoft and their German community manager who were so awesome to provide us with the items! :D

As to when we will give away which prizes… well, you’ll have to wait and see… :p Here is the schedule of the giveaways. The first link in each row will take you to the giveaway once it’s active. The second link will show you the end time of the giveaway in your local time.

Week 1: 29. November – 8. December

Week 2: 6. December – 15. December

Week 3: 13. December – 22. December

Week 4: 17. December – 25. December (midnight our time!)

Blog_a id_deutschabhier


Es ist wieder soweit: Willkommen zu unseren Wintertag-Giveaways! Da die einzelnen Giveaways teilweise zeitlich überlappen, habe ich diesen Beitrag hier erstellt, damit ihr nur einen Link braucht, um den Überblick zu behalten. Von hier aus könnt ihr immer auf die aktuell offenen Giveaways klicken. Die entsprechenden Links werden aktiv, sobald die entsprechenden Giveaways gestartet sind.

Wintersday Giveaways 2015

Auf dem kleinen Teaserbild könnt ihr sehen, welche Gewinne euch erwarten werden. Nicht zu sehen ist allerdings die “Heart of Thorns”-Ultimate Edition. Noch einmal vielen Dank an ArenaNet, dass sie uns die Gewinne zur Verfügung gestellt haben!

Wie ihr auf dem Bild aber auch sehen könnt, ist das hier kein reines Guild Wars 2-Giveaway. Wir haben auch noch 2 “Blade & Soul” T-Shirts sowie 10 Wildstar Codes von der gamescom 2015, 2 Wildstar T-Shirts und 5 Rowsdower (haben die einen deutschen Namen? Ich spiele es nur auf englisch…) Schlüsselanhänger. Hierfür ein großes Dankeschön an NCsoft und vor allem an den deutschen Community Manager, Jan, für das Bereitstellen der Preise! :D

Was wann zu gewinnen sein wird, werden wir euch hier aber noch nicht verraten… :p Hier ist aber schon mal der “Terminplan” für die Giveaways. Der jeweils erste Link wird euch zu dem Giveaway führen, sobald es aktiv ist. Der zweite Link führt euch zur jeweiligen Endzeit der Giveaways.

Woche 1: 29. November – 8. Dezember

Woche 2: 6. Dezember – 15. Dezember

Woche 3: 13. Dezember – 22. Dezember

Woche 4: 17. Dezember – 25. Dezember (Mitternacht unserer Zeit)

Announcing the winners of our giveaway…

First of all, this was a tough decision and we actually did have to use to choose the winner, as two pictures had gotten the same amount of points from us (yes, we used a point system for judging. :p).

Before we get to places 1 to 3, however, here’s something else newsworthy: We decided that all those who participated should get a little something, because we really liked all the screenshots that you showed us so much! Places 20 to 8 will get 5 gold each from us. We will contact you via email* as we’ll need your GW2 display names to send you your gold. :)

Seven pictures were in the final round and we decided to give 10 gold each for those who ended up on places 1 to 7. Obviously, we will also contact you via email*.

Look at the gallery below to see who made it to places 4 to 7.

And now, let’s look at the top 3!

Place 3 (the grey t-shirt) goes to Norelle with this screenshot:


2nd place (the black t-shirt) goes to Riley with this screenshot:


And 1st place (1200 gems) goes to Nikos with this screenshot:


Congratulations to all winners! We really enjoyed this contest. Lion’s Arch truly is a gorgeous city – and has been since Guild Wars 1, as Erhan reminded us with his contribution.

*Please be patient. We will contact you soon!

Your chance to win 1200 gems: Lion’s Arch Screenshot Contest!

Blog_a id_deutsch(Update July 25, 2015: This giveaway is now closed. We will announce the winners in our blog soon!)

(Update July 20, 2015: I am SO sorry. I forgot that gem codes are region-locked and the 1200 gems are EU-only. The t-shirts, however, can be won by everybody. Should a US player win 1st prize, we will instead send you an in-game mail with the amount of gold necessary to trade for 1200 gems in the game! So, US players, feel free to participate!)

Some of you may remember “Foostival” earlier this year. We actually got some gems for giveaways and then, well, I always wanted to start a giveaway for those gems but never got around to doing so. But now it’s finally here! Your chance to win 1200 gems! Or a t-shirt. :p

GW2 t shirts grey and black

I am going to keep this post as short as possible. Here are the possible prizes:

A 1200 gem code
A black Guild Wars 2 t-shirt, men’s size XL
A grey Guild Wars 2 t-shirt, men’s size XL

In order to enter our giveaway, we actually want you to do two things.

  1. Comment here on this blog post and name one country that hosted a Foostival in 2015.
  2. In this comment, also include one screenshot of Lion’s Arch. Any version of Lion’s Arch is fine, as long as you were the one who took it and it doesn’t show the user interface! We want to see pretty scenery pictures! :)

Out of all participants who fulfill both requirements, we (bookahnerk and I) will choose the three winners. The best one will win the gems, the second best will get the black t-shirt and the third best will get the grey t-shirt. In the rare case that we cannot agree on who is 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd, we will let choose the order. We only have those t-shirt sizes left, by the way. So, sorry if that’s not your size. But if they’re a bit too big: They make nice pyjamas. That’s how I wear mine. ;) This is a bilingual entry. German and English comments will be eligible for the giveaway.

Before entering this giveaway, please read all of the following rules.

1. We want you to comment and give us the following information:

  • Name one of the countries that hosted a Foostival in 2015.
  • Include a screenshot of Lion’s Arch (from launch till today, doesn’t matter). It should be a scenery picture, so no user interface!

2. Leave a valid email address when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winners and nothing else! Enter said email address into the “email” field, do not add it to the comment field as that one is public!

3. The winners will be contacted by email. Do NOT leave the email address in the comment field! If you have won one of the t-shirts: Please reply within 14 days and give us your address, so we can send the prizes. If you do not reply within 14 days, we may choose another winner.

4. No debating about the outcome!

5. The giveaway is open for participants until Saturday, July 25, 2015, 8 pm Berlin Time (CEST).

6. One entry per person! Please be fair.

Last but not least, if you’re wondering where or how to upload the picture, read the following instruction (written by Tilion from Dragon Season):
1) Go to and select Browse.
2) Find your picture from your PC at the pop-up window. Once you select it, click Upload Now.
3) Fill in the CAPTCHA code that will appear on your screen and click once more Upload Now.
4) Once you’re through with that, copy the Direct Link for Layouts that has been given to you and come back here and leave a comment.

Blog_a id_deutschabhier

Einige von euch erinnern sich vielleicht noch an das “Foostival“, welches vor ein paar Monaten stattgefunden hat. Wir hatten in diesem Zuge Edelsteine bekommen, aber wie es das böse Real Life so will, kam ich einfach nicht dazu, ein Giveaway hierfür zu veranstalten. Das hole ich jetzt endlich nach und ihr habt somit hier die Chance, 1200 Edelsteine zu gewinnen! Oder ein T-Shirt. :p

GW2 t shirts grey and black

Ich versuche, mich kurz zu fassen. Hier sind also die möglichen Gewinne:

Ein Code für 1200 Edelsteine
Ein schwarzes Guild Wars 2 T-Shirt, Größe XL, Männerschnitt
Ein graues Guild Wars 2 T-Shirt, Größe XL, Männerschnitt

Um am Giveaway teilzunehmen, müsst ihr jetzt zwei Dinge tun.

  1. Hinterlasst einen Kommentar und nennt mir eines des Länder, in dem dieses Jahr ein Foostival stattgefunden hat.
  2. Fügt außerdem diesem Kommentar noch einen Screenshot von Löwenstein hinzu. Welche Version von Löwenstein ist dabei egal. Es soll aber ein Landschaftsbild sein und deshalb nicht das User Interface zeigen. :)

Unter allen, die beide Vorgaben erfüllen, wählen bookahnerk und ich die drei Gewinner aus. Der/die Beste gewinnt die Edelsteine, der/die Zweitbeste das schwarze T-Shirt und der/die Drittbeste das graue T-Shirt. Für den Fall, dass wir uns nicht einigen können, wer 1., 2. und/oder 3. wird, werden wir die Reihenfolge entscheiden lassen. Wir haben übrigens nur noch T-Shirts in Größe XL übrig. Also entschuldigt bitte, wenn ihr eine andere Größe braucht. Man kann sie aber super zum Rumgammeln tragen oder als Schlafanzugersatz, wenn sie etwas zu groß sind. Das mache ich mit meinen. :) Sowohl Kommentare auf Englisch als auch deutsche Kommentare nehmen am Giveaway teil!

Bevor ihr jetzt am Giveaway teilnehmt, lest euch bitte noch kurz die folgenden Regeln durch.

1. Um teilzunehmen, hinterlasst einen Kommentar mit den folgenden Informationen:

  • Nennt ein Land, in dem Foostival 2015 stattgefunden hat.
  • Fügt eurem Kommentar einen Screenshot von Löwenstein hinzu (seit Launch des Spiels bis heute – egal, von wann). Es soll ein Landschaftsbild sein, also bitte kein sichtbares User Interface!

2. Fügt eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse ein. Diese E-Mail-Adresse werden wir nur dazu benutzen, um euch zu kontaktieren, wenn ihr gewonnen haben solltet. Ansonsten machen wir nichts damit. Achtet bitte darauf, dass die E-Mail-Adresse oben im entsprechenden Feld angegeben ist und nicht im Textfeld des Kommentars, da sie sonst öffentlich sichtbar ist.

3. Die Gewinner werden per E-Mail kontaktiert werden. Noch einmal: Hinterlasst die E-Mail-Adresse nicht im Textfeld des Kommentars. Wenn ihr eins der beiden T-Shirts gewonnen habt, benötigen wir eure Adresse, damit wir euch das Shirt zusenden können. Antwortet bitte innerhalb von 14 Tagen. Wenn ihr nicht innerhalb der 14 Tage antwortet, kann es sein, dass wir einen anderen Gewinner auswählen.

4. Es gibt keine Diskussion über den Ausgang des Giveaways.

5. Das Giveaway ist für die Teilnahme geöffnet bis zum Samstag, 25. Juli 2015, 20 Uhr deutscher Uhrzeit.

6. Bitte nur eine Teilnahme pro Person. Bleibt bitte fair. :)

Zu guter Letzt, wenn ihr nicht wisst, wie oder wo ihr euren Screenshot hochladen könnt, lest diese kurze Anleitung (im Original geschrieben von Tilion von Dragon Season):
1) Geht zu und wählt Browse.
2) Sucht hier im Pop-Up Fenster jetzt nach eurem Screenshot. Wählt diesen aus und klickt auf “Jetzt hochladen”.
3) Beantwortet das CAPTCHA und drückt wieder auf “Jetzt hochladen”.
4) Kopiert dann den “Direkten Link für Layouts” und fügt diesen hier in euren Kommentar ein.

Trove Carpet Mount Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed and decided that the first comment is the winner. Congratulations to kiMah. I will send you the code in a few minutes. :D

Trove Carpet Mount

A few weeks ago, I won another Trove Carpet mount on the livestream. I say “another”, because I already have one. Naturally, I can’t and don’t want to use the second one, but want to give it away to some lucky person here. Entering the giveaway will be quite easy:

Comment and tell me your favourite class in Trove

Yes, that is all. If there is more than one person entering the giveaway, a random roll will determine the winner. Also, please make sure to leave a valid email address (in the reply form below. Don’t put your email into the comment text field, please), so that I can send you the code for the item in case you’ve won! Last but not least, this giveaway will be open until July 9, 2015, 6pm CEST (Berlin time).