WoW Dragonflight Impressions of The Azure Span (Warning: Spoiler!)

I got an invite to the alpha of World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion and decided to take a look. I don’t want to write much about it as my goal was to just take a look around at the new zone, The Azure Span, and get a feeling for it. However, I still tagged it with a spoiler warning because I know that some people don’t want to see anything before a game’s expansion launches!

As always, the game world is as pretty as it can get with WoW’s graphics!

Since I don’t even have much time for my other games, I mostly rode through the area but didn’t do too many quests and I couldn’t take a look at everything before the alpha for this zone ended.

Some of the classes had the new talent trees available already and so far, I really love them! But I also don’t think that this expansion will bring me back. Even though it will have a new class, which I have only looked at on the character creation screen, there is just nothing really new coming that would make me want to play the game again. If the game had a “buy to play”-model like Guild Wars 2 or The Elder Scrolls Online with an optional sub, I would probably still be playing it. But as it is, I can’t see myself going back to the retail version. Maybe I will sub again for a few months here and there if they keep the classic Wrath of the Lich King servers up, but I’m not sure about that since there also won’t be any classic Burning Crusade servers once Wrath of the Lich King launches. Who knows if Blizzard decide to take the WotLK servers to the next expansion as well…

But back to The Azure Span: It looked really nice and I enjoyed riding through some of the zone. As I already said: I haven’t seen all of it. But here’s a gallery of where I went.

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