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This blog is primarily about Guild Wars 2, Rift and Trove. But as we both enjoy various other games, you will also find posts about those in here.

We will also try to post as many entries as possible in both English and German. Due to limited time, we will not always be able to translate the entries to German. The main language of the blog will, however, remain English, just as it always has been. WordPress.com doesn’t allow us to have a better way of having one bilingual blog, so unfortunately, you will have to deal with a little bit of scrolling. :p

You’re welcome to comment on our entries, but please keep the following rules in mind:

1st rule: Our blog, our rules.
2nd rule: Be nice! If you disagree with something we say or something a commenter says, feel free to voice your opinion! But if we think you’re being rude, impolite or a troll, we will simply delete your comment.
Also, since we both speak English and German, English as well as German comments are welcome!

Paeroka is the main author of this blog. At the moment, she plays Guild Wars 2, Rift and sometimes offline games like Folk Tale or Banished. She has previously played World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, Lotro and has tried out various other MMORPGs, but usually only for a very short time. She can often be found participating in the organization of various events within the virtual worlds of games as well as outside of them.

Guild Wars 2 – Aurora Glade (EU) – Dragon Season
Paerjja – asura warrior
Skkia – asura thief in Guild Wars 2

Rift – Gelidra EU – Eternal Dawn
Meffanda – dwarf cleric

Trove: Paeroka

bookahnerk is the “man for everything”. His main work on this blog is behind the scenes, editing the YouTube videos and helping Paeroka with her articles, so they actually make sense. ;) He is the main author of the German Nerdy Bookahs blog. His name indicates that he may not be able to challenge the intellect of an asura, but nonetheless he’s often categorized as a hybrid between nerd and geek. Which is – if mixed a little – a “nerk” and he normally takes that as a compliment. ;) Due to his habit of switching preferred games often or becoming bored after understanding the game mechanics he’s at the moment down to playing some of his offline games and Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 – Aurora Glade (EU) – Dragon Season
bookahnerk – asura thief

Rift – Gelidra EU – Eternal Dawn
bookahneer – dwarf mage

Trove: bookahnerk


(Updated: December 6, 2014)

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Heart of Thorns LaunchOctober 23rd, 2015
1 month to go.

All of my posts this month belong to the Blaugust 2015 event. You can join at any point during August if you like!

Trove has officially launched! (Referral link)

Here is my latest review of Trove and here are some helpful tips for Trove to get you started. :)

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