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We started with this blog back in March 2011. Since then, we have written lots of posts about games like Guild Wars 2, Rift, Lord of the Rings Online, Elder Scrolls Online or non-MMOs. As you can see from this summary already, we do not focus on just one single game or even on MMOs alone as we both enjoy various other games.

Some (very few!) of our entries will also be available both in English and German. The main language of the blog will, however, remain English, just as it always has been.

Please note: By choosing to comment on any entries here in our blog, we will be able to see the email address you provided when commenting and your IP address. Unless the comment is posted in order to participate in our giveaways (which will have explicit information on how we handle your personal information!), we will not use this information for contacting you or anything else. This is simply required by wordpress.com and we cannot change the visibility for ourselves. However, other than bookahnerk and me, Paeroka, nobody will gain access to this information as we are the only administrators for this blog. If you ever do decide that you don’t want your comments on our blog anymore, send us an email to the address you can see above using the email address you used for commenting here. We can then manually delete all comments made with that email address.

Paeroka is the main author of this blog. At the moment, she mostly plays WoW Classic, LotRO and Elder Scrolls Online as well as offline games like Parkasaurus, Tropico 6 or Dry Drowning. She has previously played (and sometimes still plays if the game is still online) Guild Wars 2, Rift, retail World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars and has tried out various other MMORPGs, but usually only for a short time. She has also participated in the organization of various events within the virtual worlds of games as well as outside of them (Foostival Germany, for example).

WoW Classic
Lakeshire (German EU) – Guild: Undead Poets Society
Paeroka – Undead Warlock
Firga – Troll Hunter
Grola – Orc Shaman

Everlook (German EU) – Guild: Orden von Menethil
Paeroka – Gnome Warlock
Grifolina – Dwarf Priest

Elder Scrolls Online
EU server – Guild: Eternal Dawn & Fair Trade Society
Gechi-Ra – Argonian Templar

Rift logo new

Typhiria EU – Guild: Eternal Dawn
Meffanda – dwarf cleric


Dragon Season
Paeroka – playing Candy Barbarian or Pirate Captain most of the time


Aurora Glade (EU) – Dragon Season
Paeroka – asura mesmer
Paerjja – asura warrior

bookahnerk is the “man for everything”. His main work on this blog is behind the scenes, editing the YouTube videos and helping Paeroka with her articles, so they actually make sense. ;) His name indicates that he may not be able to challenge the intellect of an asura, but nonetheless he is often categorized as a hybrid between nerd and geek. Which is – if mixed a little – a “nerk” and he normally takes that as a compliment! Due to his habit of switching preferred games often or becoming bored after understanding the game mechanics he is at the moment down to playing some of his offline games, Ultima Online and Rift.

Rift logo new

Gelidra EU – Guild: Eternal Dawn
bookahneer – dwarf mage
Rift Prime
bookahneer – eth mage


Dragon Season


Aurora Glade (EU) – Dragon Season
bookahnerk – asura thief

Ultima Online
Drachenfels and Europa


(Updated: September 2019)

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