lotro Falling goat in Moria

I hate Mines of Moria (IntPiPoMo 1)

...With a passion! I am not a big fan of vertical maps in MMOs to begin with, but if in addition to the design, the map itself is also rather useless, my frustration is doubled. But that's not enough for most of the regions of Mines of Moria. Additionally, you can't exactly see if there … Continue reading I hate Mines of Moria (IntPiPoMo 1)

Participating in IntPiPoMo 2018

Some of you may know that years ago, I used to participate in NaNoWriMo. I even won two times in a row and missed the goal by 4k words in another year. Not because I wasn't up to it, but because I'd gotten a high fever the last day and despite trying to type on … Continue reading Participating in IntPiPoMo 2018


Blaugust 2018 (Post 1)

Blaugust... again. But not like the previous ones! As Rakuno pointed out, a mere 5 posts will qualify you to say "I did it!". That's not bad at all - not that the previous Blaugusts were bad, but I generally don't participate when I already know I will fail. So, with the number being officially … Continue reading Blaugust 2018 (Post 1)

Blaugust Day 1

Blaugust is back! There are a few changes to how Blaugust was run last year. Belghast decided not to have rewards this year as it was a lot of work to keep track and to say "I am fine with that" sounds kind of insulting. It was super nice of him to do that in … Continue reading Blaugust Day 1

Blaugust 2015 – Blaugust Day 2

November is in August this year: I have joined Blaugust! Blaugust is basically NaBloPoMo, but it is even more cruel as it takes place in August and thus, during summer. NaBloPoMo actually happens every month, but I did it in November 2013 and November 2014 which is when NaNoWriMo is happening, during that gloomy cold month that … Continue reading Blaugust 2015 – Blaugust Day 2