Trove News (August 1, 2015) – Blaugust Day 1

Trove News(Update August 4, 2015: The patch with the inventory expansion will go live today. You can find the patch notes in the official forum. Most important piece of information: When you buy the expansion slots through the UI, you get them for half price until next Tuesday! There are also tradeable versions, which are not included in this 50 % sale.)

If you log in to Trove anytime between Friday and Sunday, you will receive a free class coin and 3000 cubits. The class coin will let you buy any class from the shop for free. Classes usually cost cubits to unlock. Since the maximum amount of cubits you can get per day is limited, both those things are nice, especially for you new players who may not have unlocked all classes yet. This free stuff is Trion’s way of saying “sorry” for having Trove offline for a whole day when patching took much longer than anticipated (as they had some issues). As I have logged on already and did not receive the cubits or the class coin, I assume they may get handed out to everybody at a later point, possibly after this weekend.

I had a look at the forums and the patch notes and just as a heads-up, the Trading Post exploit does not seem to be fixed yet. So please be careful and only trade in the central hub as I’ve shown here.

Trove_Club ChestWe could see the inventory expansion during the Twitch livestream. However, it’s 500 credits for 5 more slots (in your adventuring inventory and your building inventory – so 10 new slots together). While I do not mind giving them some of my money in return for the fun I get from playing Trove, I find 500 credits for such a small expansion very expensive. I usually buy the 15 – 20 € packs that games like this one offer. In this case, it would cost me 19,99 € and I would get 3250 credits. So, that’d be about ~ 3 € for 10 more slots. I instead already unlocked all extra chests for my bank and so far, I think it works quite well. I deconstruct most items anyway and only build the items I really need. If you find yourself running out of space, consider creating a private club only for yourself and put a club chest in there and maybe a club officer chest, too. That’ll give you some more storage and it comes for free… well, kind of. You need all the crafting materials, of course. Both chests will give you 40 slots each. And in case you are wondering how to craft it: Craft a Novice Crafting Bench in the hub, if you don’t have one already. Then craft the Builder’s Crafting Bench. Using that one, open the “Club World” tab and there you find both chests. Stay away from the Community Chest, as every single player has access to that one!

Of course, those chests can only be placed in your Club World, so you have to leave the Adventuring World in order to access them. If you prefer to have all the storage space you want wherever you go or if you just want all inventory space available no matter how, then the inventory expansion is the way to go!

Update August 4, 2015: You can buy a tradeable version of the inventory expansion. Or, when looking at this from the other side, you can buy an inventory expansion for in-game currency from other players. The official forum has a section for trades.

Avarem also mentioned gamescom and PAX again. At gamescom, they will have the Trion community party on Thursday evening. In case you are wondering: Yes, we are planning to go there! Trion also updated their Facebook page with information on the shuttle bus they will have which will bring their guests to the event location (which is about 3.6 km from the koelnmesse center where gamescom takes place). You can find all information on when and where both community parties will happen on their Facebook page.

This post is part of Blaugust 2015.


  1. I need to test this game at one point, it does look super adorable! Hopefully I can play it without handing them my entire wallet..


    1. It absolutely is! The example above is the only thing that I find expensive so far and that’s why I mentioned the free alternatives that should be used first and also the bank chest upgrades that should be used first. Granted, those might be more expensive. I admit I did not look at the price as I had purchased a supporter package in alpha and got some credits on top of alpha access.

      I actually did mention this in my latest impression piece: – How “free” is “free to play” in Trove?

      If you ask me: Incredibly free. :p

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    1. Oh nice! :)

      If you’ve seen it on Twitter, it will be easy to recognize us… or bookahnerk, at least. Bright green t-shirt with our logo on the front. ;)


  2. I had every intention of trying out Trove last month. I am definitely going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the storage tips. Hope you have a wonderful time at Gamescom!


  3. I am excited to see some love for this game. It didn’t grab me at all when I tried it, but I love knowing passionate people have found a home they can rant and rave about.

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