Blaugust is returning!

Blaugust 2019 is coming! If you ever thought about starting your own blog, Blaugust – the Festival of Blogging – is here for you! Or maybe you already have a blog and want to be more active again. Or you have an active blog and just want to interact more with the blogging community. Either way, Blaugust covers it! It is once again primarily organized by Belghast. Thank you for that!

As you can probably guess, Blaugust is about blogging. The goal is to… well, blog. There used to be the goal of posting one post for every single day of August and of course, you can still set that goal if you like! But it’s not mandatory anymore in order to be a “successful participant”. The lowest tier of goals is creating a blog if you don’t have one yet, and if you already have a blog, then the lowest goal would be posting 5 blog posts. That’s certainly doable, right? :)

A couple of years ago, we also had the Newbie Blogger Initiative which was there to help new bloggers get started. This is now part of Blaugust as well. Hence, the “Festival of Blogging”. And while many of us who are participating and have been participating in the past, are primarily gaming blogs, this does not mean your blog has to be about gaming! It can be about anything that you want to blog about. You’re welcome to join! Additionally, you can sign up as either a participant or as a mentor – I still remember the days when I was nervous about signing up as mentor because I wasn’t sure if I “qualified” for it, but nobody is here to judge! If you want to be a mentor, then you are one. And even I, after so many years of blogging, am still very much interested in hearing others’ opinons or advice on blogging.

Head to Belghast’s post for all the information you need. Make sure to sign up there as well and if you like, join the Discord which can be used to ask questions, see what others have been publishing, general chit chat, give advice to others, promote your own content and so on.

Belghast has also prepared a schedule for Blaugust, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it. It is, however, a very good help for when you’re not sure what you want to write about.