Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Giveaway 2016

This giveaway is closed! Winners will be chosen and announced at a later point! (You can find the German translation below / Scrollt runter für den deutschen Text) It is this time of the year again: We are having our annual Wintersday Giveaway and ArenaNet gave us some sweet prizes to give away this time. … Continue reading Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Giveaway 2016

NBI 2016: Blogging can be life-changing

Yes, I admit, the headline is probably a bit too dramatic. ;) So before you get too excited: Blogging will not make you rich and it is very unlikely that you will become famous. However, looking back at the past five years with this blog, a few things happened that did influence our lives in … Continue reading NBI 2016: Blogging can be life-changing

Newbie Blogger Initiative 2016 in June!

Not too long ago, I saw a short conversation on Twitter about how NBI would most likely not be taking place in 2016. Not because nobody wanted to do it per se, but most of all because it requires time and dedication to get this initiative off its ground. That dreaded real life again making … Continue reading Newbie Blogger Initiative 2016 in June!

Impressions from Foostival Germany 2016

As some of you may know, I am part of the organizing team of the German Foostival. It took place yesterday, on May 7. In the previous two years, we had a location in Hamburg which is in Northern Germany. As amazing as that city is (seriously, there is no better city in Germany than … Continue reading Impressions from Foostival Germany 2016

5 years of Nerdy Bookahs!

5 years ago, I certainly was not expecting this little "blog project" to be running for such a long time. I did not even know whether it would last for longer than a month before I would lose interest. But here we are and the blog is as alive as it was back then. Let's … Continue reading 5 years of Nerdy Bookahs!

Brains, Brawls and Bravery

“Show yourself right now!”, she loudly exclaimed and looked around frantically. These dreaded shrubs everywhere! She twirled her staff in the air and let out several fiery beams. It had not rained in days and the twigs made some nice crackling sounds, but nothing else could be heard. “Not here”, she mumbled. She was not … Continue reading Brains, Brawls and Bravery

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: MMO+

Welcome to Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! This is the place where we talk about miscellaneous things like little pieces of gaming news that have attracted our interest or what's recently been in the spotlight of other fansites and projects. Back in August, we received a mail from the developer behind the website MMO+ about his/her project. I … Continue reading Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: MMO+

Keeping my blogroll up-to-date – Blaugust Day 23

I know I often neglect my blogroll, but it became quite clear when Blaugust started and I saw the amount of familiar names... only to realize that while I do know them and more or less regularly read their blogs (whenever my time allows, at least), I never added them to our blogroll. This is … Continue reading Keeping my blogroll up-to-date – Blaugust Day 23

Blaugust AMA: What would I change in my MMO career? (Blaugust Day 17)

I posted in the Blaugust AMA thread on Anook and received the following question from CommanderFlynn from The Tankquisition What's the one thing you could change in your MMO Career if you could go back? Why? I've thought about this for some time and there is no one big thing I would change. But there … Continue reading Blaugust AMA: What would I change in my MMO career? (Blaugust Day 17)

Guild Wars 2 Community Event – Blaugust Day 9

As you may already know, on Thursday, we went to gamescom and then went to the Wildstar Community Event in the evening. I already told you about the Wildstar event. My write-up of our visit to gamescom is taking a bit more time to get finished, though. So I figured I could show you the pictures … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 Community Event – Blaugust Day 9