Quick Impressions: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Police Simulator Office

Who here hasn’t dreamed of roaming the streets handing out parking tickets left and right? Okay, maybe nobody. But it’s still fun! And every now and then, somebody asks me for directions and gets really annoyed when I can’t help them. Who does that nowadays when we have our smartphones and map apps, etc.? But well, maybe I look more trustworthy. I’m not, though, because I didn’t realize at first that I can close the map without marking anything and just clicked somewhere when they had asked me, possibly sending them in the opposite direction. Oddly enough, the people who claim to have no clue and thus needing my help for directions, get really annoyed instantly when I send them the wrong way.

So, this is Police Simulator. You start off by walking through the streets and yes, your first task is handing out parking tickets. The more shifts you’ve done, the more challenging your tasks will get. It also doesn’t take long to unlock your police car. Unfortunately, driving with it isn’t that easy for me and so I spent one work day with a huge dent in the front of my car including smoke coming out. But being police, I was still allowed to drive that car despite the game asking me to stop others when they’re driving a car in such a condition. I could also fine people for crossing the street when the lights are red while being allowed to do so myself. I opt not to do it. But here’s the fun part: You can change that in the settings. Then you need to abide by all the rules yourself!

Police Simulator Speeding tickets
Police Simulator: Handing out speeding tickets

The game is going to leave Early Access for its full release on November 10. I really hope they’ll be ready by then because I’ve seen a lot of players complain about “fatal errors” crashing their game clients. It happened to me as well.

I haven’t found a fast way to equip items that are needed in a situation where I have to react quickly. This is kind of annoying, especially with cars, as the game requires a reaction speed – or a clicking speed – that I don’t have. But… there’s always parking tickets. And handling car accidents. And fining people for speeding. The latter is especially fun when you’re standing on a footbridge overseeing a large street.

Another issue of the game is the lack of interaction when I’m following a person who is fleeing from me. We are just sort of running together. I can use my taser then, but haven’t found any other way to stop them – well, maybe by shooting with my real gun, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Also, this game – thankfully – is realistic here (at least for those of us lucky enough to live in a country where it’s very rare for police to use their guns). So no, you can’t just shoot a person who’s fleeing! The roadmap states that this issue will be fixed in an upcoming update, letting us tackle the fleeing suspects or ask them to stop, at least.

Police Simulator_Accident
Police Simulator: Arriving at a car accident

In general, this game is very blood-free and violence-free considering it’s a game about police work. But I like it that way. Since it’s still in Early Access, who knows what the future is holding? But we are “patrol officers” and not in any kind of special force.

Random people passing may greet you which is nice as it adds some interaction. However, and I’m once again coming back to the controls of the game, it’s annoying trying to greet them back! If you are too close, you can only choose to “talk” to them but that is used for different interactions (interrogating them, handing out a fine, asking for their passport, etc.). You need to be at a certain range to greet back and if you are too far away, you can’t interact with them at all.

The game already supports Steam Workshop, so I downloaded German uniforms. Of course, the setting being a fictional US-American town, it doesn’t really make much sense and there’s also the USA flag hanging in the headquarters. But it’s still nice to have a familiar look there.

Police Simulator Searching for person
Police Simulator: Searching for a wanted person

Now, I’ve spent some time writing about things I do not like – and I can’t stress enough how annoying some of the controls are and that it’s taking me much too long to get the correct equipment (like the taser while following a fleeing suspect) out. But there is also a lot of positives which is why I keep playing the game and do not regret my purchase: Most of all, it’s fun overall. It feels incredibly immersive! I really love the amount of settings to customize the game difficulty: I could opt to get fined myself for crossing a street illegally – or for speeding when there is no emergency. Or I can just turn off these settings and decrease the difficulty this way. The immersion is there and I like walking around during my shift and doing police work.


“Quick impressions” are what the title implies: Not a fully grown review. I just want to share my thoughts about a game quickly. So there will often be more pictures than text. Please also note that I did not get paid by the developer nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I bought the game from my own money and my opinion is my own – subjective, as always. So please take everything here with a grain of salt!


    1. I am glad the developers decided to have it take place in a fictional US American town and make police work more like it is in so many other countries. :p


  1. > downloaded German uniforms […] But it’s still nice to have a familiar look there.

    The uniforms are not mustard+green, I don’t know what you’re talking about :P
    I think my state was the last one to phase those out and with the last 2.5 years mostly spent indoors… I’m so not used to the new dark ones…


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