Screenshot Saturday: Levelling gear

WoW Paeroka Undead warlock

Is it just me or does the gear you get while levelling through any expansion of WoW generally look ridiculous? I remember back in classic WoW that I liked the items I got. There was a black leather set that my hunter wore for a bit and I tried to get the Robes of Arugal on any caster class I played. But Burning Crusade looked too… neon? No, not the right word. But too colourful and cheap, in a way. And now, Battle for Azeroth – or at least, the region my warlock is in.

I can imagine that it looks really good on a troll, maybe a tauren or a druid. But definitely not on a warlock! I’ve not used the transmogrification system yet other than to hide my helmet. But I wanted my warlock to look like a warlock at least for a bit and until she’s replacing the current gear again.

Much better, if you ask me.

I am also still not yet used to the “new faces” of my characters. I don’t know when they added the changed character models, but I haven’t actively played the game since then. My Undead looks weird, but I guess I’ll get used to it at some point.