Screenshot Saturday: And Lotro… again

Lotro Hobbit Guardian

It took me a long lone time, but my guardian finally reached level 60. To be honest, I was certain I’d lost interest in Lotro again. But I did log in every now and then, just to log off again after seeing where my guardian was standing. I didn’t like the zone at all. So, I decided to head to Lothlórien, as I mentioned in my recent rant on the Mines of Moria maps.

Once out there, breathing the virtual-fresh air, it went really fast!

Since the next expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, has already been added to the Legendary server, level 60 isn’t even the max level anymore. On to level 65 it is now. Thankfully, I like Mirkwood a lot more than Mines of Moria. But I do remember that the beginning was a bit awkward for me and the parts I did see, I didn’t like too much. It’s too dark, mostly. Still, everything is better than the mines!