Finally a gourmet in Guild Wars 2

GW2 Ascalon Iron Marches

One of the good things of returning to an MMO after not having played it much for a longer time is that there is so much to discover (in MMOs that are still getting new content, at least). I always have an issue of not having any mastery points to unlock anything, so I was looking at the achievements. I also saw that my cook hadn’t gotten her skill up tp 500. Thankfully, I looked at guides on how to get there quickly or I would have missed that Gourmet Training achievement!

It took a long time, but I finally got it. I always had much too many Piles of Bloodstone Dust sitting in my bank, but there were none left after I made the Heat Stones required for the achievement and for some weird reason, I never found a good way to get them fast. I did see all the recommendations on what to do, but it still felt slow or tedious and I had bad luck with bags not containing any despite them having a chance to drop the dust. Of course, as soon as I had enough (I had needed about 50 more), I opened a few bags I had received and got 22 more of them…

On my way to getting this achievement, I also just went to kill a few world bosses, just for fun. Even after so many years, I still enjoy doing the Shatterer and Golem Mark II! Yes, they’re not much of a challenge at all in general. Except maybe for the players who keep dying to the Golem. But in general, the mass of players always gets the kill! But I love the look of the Shatterer and the region it’s in and I quite enjoy the mechanics of the Golem.