First impressions of Origins of Madness

The latest patch, Origins of Madness, got released this week and I thought I’d share my impressions. I think pictures say more than words, so I’ll keep it short for now…  As you can probably guess, I did not /sleep with Paerjja, just so you can have a look at those screenshots. I failed spectacularly by dying almost immediately after entering phase 2 and thought I could spend some time taking screenshots then.

What I do not like is the waiting around for the marionette to appear and the fact that it’s only once every two hours. But at least, it always starts on time! Other than the marionette, I haven’t seen much yet anyway. I’m keeping the story instance until the weekend when I can fully enjoy it.

Yes, I admit it: I mainly wanted to show off the pretty screenshots with this post! Once again, the one thing I simply cannot complain about is the art!

Asura are the best. Clearly.


  1. I agree with you and have actually thundered about it on tweeter today. It’s utterly unacceptable for me, this idling around just to be able to play with your friends on the same server! It’s far worse however for some people I know, who have real life jobs and obligations: having only just over one hour to spare daily, these boss fights are simply out of the menu for them. I refuse to believe that Anet likes to create content for the unemployed or the students only.

    On a less serious note now, I couldn’t help laughing my lungs out at the last screenshot up there. The tiny cute asura is staring at the Marionette’s Brazilian behinds and is wondering how she can get a pair of those :D


    1. My Paerjja is wondering if she can hurt that metally butt with her sword or if she risks having a blunt weapon afterwards… ;)

      I’m wondering how often we will have to do that marionette fight in order to get the meta achievement? I’m still at 2/11, so I guess the daily part is not repeatable? :(


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