Games I’m playing (June 2021)

I would like to say that I’m deeply enjoying the new content that came with Burning Crusade Classic, but I’m not. The reason is that my only level 60 character is my warlock and while I like levelling her a lot more now that she has her Felguard, I would much rather play through the content with my mage. But she is only level 44! So, my motivation is there, but it’s going slowly. I did take my warlock and her Felguard for a walk, though, and got her some nice new items from quest rewards. I think I may even get her to level 70, but I don’t want to do that quickly now only to then get bored when my mage is finally at that stage. I also made a blood elf paladin, but… well, it’s a paladin… still a rather boring class to play.

Going Medieval released into Early Access and both bookahnerk and I immediately bought the game. We have both been spending quite a lot of time with the game and while it’s apparent that a lot of features are still missing from the game (like social interactions of your settlers, any reason for why there are two different religions in the game, etc.), it already shows an amazing foundation with a lot of potential. It definitely is my kind of game (unlike Rimworld – sorry. Great game, just not for me… I prefer not having to make any decisions like removing somebody’s kidney and so on).

The roadmap is certainly getting me excited! I hope that with “organic dirt paths” they mean that paths that my settlers regularly lose will slowly become visible on the map as the grass disappears there. I like it when games do that! It’s a minor cosmetic thing, but very realistic.

Old World is going to officially release on July 1 – still only on the Epic Store, but if you don’t mind that or if you are willing to make an exception, I can highly recommend this game which is a kind of Civ VI game but with story and a leader that changes over time (always make sure to have good heirs available!). Events come up in between which can also give you advantages or disadvantages and can influence what you had originally planned to do next. I don’t even want to look at the number of hours I have spent playing the game… it’s very well into three digits, that much is for sure!

And a few days ago, Foundation announced that their long-awaited UI overhaul is ready to be tested! I had deliberately not been playing this game for the past few months because I wanted to wait until the new UI is in.

Then there is Humankind with their closed beta. I got a key thanks to Twitch drops and despite not liking it at all when I first tried it months ago, it’s slowly growing on me… just not for 50 €. It’s in Closed Beta until June 21 and lets you play one map with one leader for 200 turns. In case you’re interested, you can get a key for free through Twitch Drops.

And then there is the Summer Game Fest with Steam’s “Next Fest” starting later today. They are advertising it with hundreds of demos for six days. It’s a good thing there’s too much heat for me outside, so I’m basically stuck inside (lnot to mention that other reason for not wanting to be outside where other people are…).


  1. Glad you’re enjoying Going Medieval. It was one of the very few demos I tried during one of the earlier Steam demo events. It didn’t quite click with me at the time, was just too early on, but I could definitely see a lot of potential to it if development were to continue. I might have to take another look and see what progress has been made since that demo, if there’s been enough I might pick it up anyway as a show of support even though from your description it does also sound like it has a ways to go. :)

    Old World I bought way back when but have barely touched since then. Another one I’m curious to see how far it has come since I last took a look at it. :)

    And finally — interesting that you didn’t initially like Humankind! Neither did I when I tried it in one of the earlier closed betas. Just didn’t click with me at *all*.

    However… As much as I enjoy this style of game, I do have to be in the right mood for it. And it’s entirely possible I just wasn’t at the time. So I might give it another go a bit later.


    1. I think turn-based games or generally slow games that you can easily pause will be the games I’ll be able to squish in in the near future… IF baby allows any gaming time at all when she’s here. ;)

      I remember being a bit disappointed with Old World in the beginning because you can only found a city on certain spots on the map. If you’re too slow, you’re out of luck (if you’re like me who likes to play peacefully – otherwise, get your army and take what you want from barbarians, tribes or the other factions!). But I really love Old World, much more so than Civ VI with all the weird DLCs and expansion features (I still don’t like the Golden and Dark Ages, for example). It’s simpler, but the twist with the families, the leader and the events works really well for this kind of game!

      Going Medieval definitely has a long time of development in front of it. At least, when looking at the roadmap. It works really well already, except that building on the different floors is a bit clunky sometimes. But yeah, the potential is there!

      Humankind… I quit the game session in the closed beta now and I’m not sure I’m going to open it again… Not a bad game, but I don’t like playing on the second lowest difficulty setting just to be overrun by a much stronger army from a neighbouring country that takes my city within just one turn. And several tutorial tips telling me that this or that feature will be important later on, but it’s complex and not easy to understand at first, so I shouldn’t worry about that yet. What kind of a tutorial is that? :p I think Humankind will be a huge success and will have a lot of people playing it. I’m just not sure it’s the right game for me. Definitely not at this price, with my soon very limited playtime and definitely not with Old World around that I already own and where I haven’t played any of the scenarios yet, for example.

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