Spending a day in Aven Colony

This is not the first time I’ve played Aven Colony, but I didn’t get far in the game. Saturday was the first day of my one week off from work and I did what I haven’t done in ages: I spent the day playing a game. I started playing Aven Colony the day before already, but I figured that it’s just as the last times I played: It’s a nice little colony sim builder without much depth, but very relaxing and easy to get into.

After playing for a longer time, I discovered that you can also build an expedition center and send a ship across the planet’s map for missions which also lets you discover new landing sites for more colonies! It’s still a very light game, I think, and very easy on normal difficulty. So it is actually perfect to play when you just want to relax and take your mind off other things – most of all, a very stressful and busy work week.

I am now slowly playing through the game’s campaign. There is a story behind it and apparently, there may be an impostor. I was told to keep my eyes open on any unusual activity, but of course, that’s just flavour. Because it is a city-building game and other than city-building, you can’t do much else.

There is a ton of “real life” things I have to get done this week, too, because after this week, I’ll have a very busy time at work heading towards me. But for the time being, this little game will accompany me during this week. The next game after this one will probably be Imagine Earth which will release out of Early Access at the end of May. I bought it quite some time ago, but haven’t played it lately as I was waiting for the game’s release (which is finally happening after 7 years of Early Access!).

Other than that, Going Medieval will go into Early Access on June 1. And Burning Crusade will launch on the same day. I am definitely looking forward to returning to what’s “my” World of Warcraft (nostalgically speaking).

What do you think?

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