Jumping back into Trove?

Back when Trion still owned their games, they released one more class for Trove (they did a lot more than just that, but this is one of the things). I finally used some of the credits I had gotten over the years (yes, by spending real money!) and bought the Vanguardian. You can craft it for free, but since I had the credits anyway, why not use the shorter path? It’s the one class I hadn’t had yet. I’ve stopped playing Trove quite a while ago and there were so many changes, that I felt revisiting the game with the new class may be a good idea. Everything you have is basically bound to your account. You can switch classes with your character, but your inventory, bank space and so on stays the same.

I actually started this very blog post three months ago and never wrote more than this paragraph, because while I do want to get back into Trove and check out what’s changed and just play with my characters and have some fun, I feel so incredibly lost! I left around the time they introduced more levels on top of the original 20. Since then, there have been so many changes, overhauls and all of that. When I did return, I found workstations that don’t work anymore as they’ve become obsolete. I took the Vanguardian through the tutorial to get a feeling for the beginning of the game and when I wanted to jump into the world to level, I took about half an hour to find the correct spot to do so in the hub. My club world has all the portals needed for lower levels, but I wanted to find how to get there from the game’s main hub!

It also took me maybe half an hour to switch from the Vanguardian back to my Candy Barbarian. This is the class I know the best and feel the most comfortable with. I remember playing the Pirate Captain a lot, too, but I always went back to Candy Barb after a bit.

But now, even though the class feels familiar, so many other things don’t or are unknown to me. For example, I received or dropped a locked chest. No information is given on how to open it other than that I need a certain key. For a minute, I was expecting the worst… gamigo wanting me to take out my wallet and pay. Thankfully, fansites provide the necessary information: The key can be traded for adventurine (no way to get it for real money alternatively, apparently… phew). Okay then. Never heard of that currency before. So, another fansite helped me out: It’s earned from doing club adventures! Sure. Never heard of these. Fansites to the rescue again – or Reddit, in this case. I’m still not sure what exactly they are, but it seems that I can go to the main hub, find the club portals and go into any of these random clubs to start a club adventure.

I am not saying that it’s bad that Trove has been constantly changing and expanding the gameplay. On the contrary! I love the game for what it is and getting more gameplay is always neat. I just wish I wouldn’t feel this lost and could somehow get a grasp on what’s been added and what I need to learn or re-learn now (like gardening which got an overhaul).

What I still love is how many styles you can collect and how much I can customize my character that way. Of course, when other players are hopping by, I hardly see what they’re wearing, but that’s not the point! I know what I am wearing and I know that with all the styles unlocked already, I have countless of fun colourful outfits that fit to my silly class. Trove is the perfect game for me to hop on, do a few mini-dungeons, collect a few new styles, maybe upgrade an item or work towards the next upgrade and then leave again. I’d just prefer I really knew what I was doing or working towards.


  1. Trove has some of the craziest styles! When I was trying to get all the animal masks. I also love the gun style that’s just a ring pop. I can imagine getting back into Trove now is super confusing but like you said there are great fan sites and the wiki is a great resource too.


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