Trove: Biomes and their map colours

Trove Map colors Desert Frontier

Update September 2016: I included the latest biome, Jurassic Jungle.

Update September 2015: I finally found the time to update all the pictures! There had apparently been enough complaints about some biomes being difficult to tell apart because the colours looked too similar, especially on the borders of the world map. At some point, biome-specific icons were added. You can now see them on my pictures as well! :)

The world in Trove features different biomes and they all have a specific colour on the map. Sometimes, I want to farm some specific items that drop in specific biomes, but I have a hard time remembering which colour is for which biome, so I decided to make a list with screenshots. Having a blog, of course, I will not keep that list only for myself but share it with you here instead. :)

trove_biome-map_sep16You can also just use the picture on the left  which shows all biomes in one single image (click on it to see it bigger or right-click and choose “save image as…”).

Each biome has a few maps with different names which I’m calling sub-zones. The colours on the map are still the same for each sub-zone that belongs to the same biome. The mobs found in each zone may differ slightly, though. For example, you can find fae in one of the Permafrost sub-zones as well as in one the Fae Wilds biome.With a recent update, the map only shows the names of the biomes and not the sub-zones anymore. I will still list the names of the sub-zones, in case Trion is adding them back.

Biome Sub-zones Colour on the map
Candoria Cupcake Canyon & Sugar Steppes Light pink
Cursed Vale Viking Burial Ground & Cursed Vale Purple
Desert Frontier Abandoned Boneyard & Desert of Secrets Orange (more like “salmon”, though)
Dragonfire Peaks Dragon’s Teeth & Blazing Emberlands Dark reddish brown
Fae Forest Bewitching Wood, Uncanny Valley & Spellbound Thicket Dark green
Jurassic Jungle Primal Preserve; Saurian Swamp Green
Medieval Highlands Deep Forest, Firefly Party, Frigga’s Fjord & Highlands Plains Bright green
Neon City Data Spires Dark blueish grey
Peaceful Hills Peaceful Hills & Outpost of Light Green (darker than Medieval Highlands)
Permafrost Dead of Winter Light grey
Treasure Isles I don’t know if there are sub-zones Turquoise-blue
Radiant Ruins (Sky Realm) I don’t know if there are sub-zones This is on its own map accessible only through a “Realm Portal: Sky” in a club world

This is all nice and well, but as you can probably see, I tried to narrow down the colours a bit by adding “dark” or even two colours (reddish brown). Additionally, some biome colours look much lighter at the corner of the map. I often confuse the Desert Frontier with Candoria. So, I will also show you screenshots now, so that you can clearly see the colours representing each biome.


Trove Map Candoria Sugar CaneQuite obviously focusing on sugary goodness. Its icon is, very fitting, a candy cane. Let’s be honest here: This biome is not hard to miss at all. It’s light pink – too pink if you ask me. ;)

Cursed Vale

Trove Map Cursed Vale SkeletonThe Cursed Vale’s icon is a skeleton. It could also be a robot, though. The colour is purple, but when it’s at the corners of the world map, it also looks a bit grey-ish.

Desert Frontier

Trove Map Desert Frontier CactusI used to confuse Desert Frontier with Candoria, because the Desert Frontier map looks kind of pale pink at the border of the map and only changes to its regular colour when you get closer. Now that they have icons, it is much easier to tell them apart! Desert Frontier has a cactus.

Dragonfire Peaks

Trove Map Dragonfire Peaks FireDragonfire Peaks has a dark brown colour. Its icon is a flame.

Fae Forest

Trove Map Fae Forest ButterflyThere definitely were too many greens on the map. This is another great example of why adding icons is great! I could never remember which green stood for which biome. Fae Forest is dark green and has a butterfly as its icon.

Jurassic Jungle

Trove Map Colours Jurassic Jungle biome

This biome, Jurassic Jungle, was added with the dino tamer class and, as you can guess from the names, it’s all about dinosaurs! Unfortunately, it is yet another green piece on the map. Just look for the footprints and you’ll find it!

Medieval Highlands

Trove Map Medieval Highlands TreeThis biome is represented by a light green… pretty easy. The icon is a tree.

Neon City

Trove Map Neon City CircuitsThis biome always reminds me of Futurama. Neon City is dark grey with circuits as its icon.

Peaceful Hills

Trove Map Peaceful Hills FlowerThe Peaceful Hills biome hosts sunflowers where you can get the bulbs needed for gardening. Other than the shadow invaders that sometimes drop from the sky, no hostile mobs can be found here. Its icon is a flower.


Trove Map Permafrost SnowflakeThe frost biome is the easiest to spot. Much easier than all the greens, at least. And if that isn’t easy enough, the snowflake icon definitely helps!

Treasure Isles

Trove Map Treasure Isles WheelNot really difficult to miss. Treasure Isles are the huge light blue areas, also called “water”. :) Still, they also got an icon, a wheel.

Radiant Ruins

Trove Map Radiant RuinsAs mentioned in the table above, the Radiant Ruins are a special case. You can only enter them through the “Realm Portal: Sky” which can be placed in a club world. There are no other biomes up there, so they also did not get an icon.