Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (May 2021)

Defiance 2050

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchGuild Wars 2: What’s coming next

I actually wasn’t expecting ArenaNet to give us a timeline of what’s coming when in the next few months, but they did! The highlight is certainly their livestream on July 27, showing us more about the upcoming expansion! Of course, we don’t have a release date for that one yet. However, we also don’t really know what’s going to be in the expansion other than “Cantha”.

What I am curious about is the bonus event “The Twisted Marionette”, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to play that, actually. I really liked that fight when it was originally launched and I’ve been wishing for its return for ages!

GW2 Twisted Marionette

XCOM2 blogger succession game starting

Since we have finished our Civilization VI game, it was time for another one: XCOM 2. I will not be joining this one. It’s just not the kind of game I like playing. But I do enjoy watching others play it, so I’ll be following my fellow bloggers and their efforts. As a little extra, the soldiers are named after us (those of us who participate or who wanted to be added into the game and who don’t mind getting killed off by their fellow bloggers). You can find the first post with the first mission in Naithin’s blog. He even added a video of his turn, but this isn’t required and I assume that most participants will just write what they have done. And just as we did with the Civ VI game, you can find the save games online, in case you want to jump in and give it a try yourself at any point during the game!

Goodbye, Defiance (2050)

On April 29, Defiance and Defiance 2050 got shut down by gamigo. I always thought it was a mistake to relaunch the game as Defiance 2050 but keeping the original Defiance running as well, as it meant splitting the playerbase. It also meant that I could either stay with Defiance and keep stuff I bought or switch to the newer Defiance 2050 which came with updated graphics (I didn’t notice any difference, though), some game systems changed – I liked some of that, actually – and only a small handful of things unlocked for players of the original Defiance which didn’t really give an incentive to switch. I remember not having my inventory slots and other items I had unlocked in the original game. All of that while getting a cleaner inventory and a revamped skill tree. Other games do that without launching a second version of itself!

When a game gets a date for when it sunsets, I usually pay it a last visit. With Defiance (2050), I did not. I liked the original game and was disappointed having to start all over again with the newer version (although I think I could have just continued playing the older version as it even had more players, at least on Steam!) and then just stopped playing altogether. Still, it’s too bad that it came down to this instead of them being able to continue updating the game – any of these two games!


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