Necromancer or Revenant for rediscovering Guild Wars 2…

GW2 Necromancer Staff Necrotic Grasp

After writing here that I want to replay through the old zones of Guild Wars 2 with my new necromancer, I decided to take a look at the revenant. A profession that I had always wanted to play, but never really “got into” it. I boosted my asuran revenant to level 80 and felt completely lost with her.

So, I made a new one now. A human this time. I already have at least one asura for each profession!

And now there’s my dilemma: Do I want to continue levelling the necromancer, the revenant – or both? Because, why not? I know I need to continue playing the norn for the personal story achievement up until the level 30 storyline. But after that, I could switch to my revenant. I guess both are quite good for playing solo.

Necromancer can be quite laid back with having lots of minions around you. While she is a cloth-wearing class, she has a high health pool and I love going into the Death Shroud whenever it’s possible, because you can’t lose health then. Revenant, on the other hand, is… well, actually, I don’t really know where they shine. I am just having fun playing her with her hammer right now. I remember reading forum posts about how severely lacking and underpowered the Revenant was, but this was quite some time ago and since I play solo and mostly on the open worlds maps anyway, I don’t think that matters much to me. As long as playing the class is fun.

But as you can see, I am really settling back into Guild Wars 2 after a long time of absence. I just must not play the living story episodes one after another because I definitely prefer the open world in this game. Other than that, right after World of Warcraft, GW2 is my second MMO-home and it seems to stay that way.


  1. I have still never played a Revenant in any meaningful fashion. I did level one up but I never had a clue what I was doing and I didn’t enjoy it much. As you mentioned, though, that was years ago when the class was supposed to be quite weak. I imagine that’s all changed. Maybe I should try again…


    1. I skipped the levelling and thought I could just take my brand new level 80 Revenant out and play her. No chance! So, she’s been collecting dust for years. It was helpful to take a look at the weapons and see which one would be fun to play. Hammer it is for now, because it’s ranged which is easier to play for me and it’s also fun! She didn’t seem weak to me at all. But we’ll see. She’s tiny so far.


  2. I just started playing my Necro and the Power Reaper build from metabattle seems very good and easy to play. I’m using minions and it’s great fun soloing content now. It’s a class I never really got into. Getting the hero points to fully access Reaper was good for learning how to play the class.
    I plan to do the same for my Rev too. I really don’t feel that I “get” the playstyle of the class properly yet. It’s still mostly button mashing instead of feeling comfortable with any of the stances except Dwarf.


    1. My level 80 necro (boosted) has access to the Reaper as well, but I could hardly memorize the Death Shroud skills and now there are new ones. But when I did level her, I remember having fun. That was years ago, though.
      I really don’t like the button smashing hoping the enemies will just fall without knowing exactly what I’m doing – but this is exactly what I do with my high level necromancer. I levelled her at some point, so I should have a better understanding of the class, but apparently, nothing sticked. So, I’m starting from the very beginning with just a couple of skills. This will make it easier, hopefully! The same goes with my Revenant. I now at least know what the extra skill on top does and what my hammer skills do. :)


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