7 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 vs. Rift vs. Trove: Part 1 (Basic information)

  1. Ravanel Griffon says:

    I really like the short introductions of the games with their strengths.Those are exactly the kind of things you learn from other players in an informal setting (the gaming companies always want you to believe their game offers *everything*).

    Maybe I should do one of these for SWTOR vs Guild Wars 2. I will first have to reach level cap in GW2 to justify writing that, though. :)

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    • paeroka says:

      While I personally do not want to go back to SWTOR after trying it out, I would still be very interested in reading this! :)

      Level cap in GW2 doesn’t change too much, if you ask me. Although – now that they added season 2 and the new map, it probably does.


  2. Rakuno says:

    Thanks for writing this. I didn’t know the expansions areas for Rift were free to play too, I always thought you had to buy those if you wanted to play beyond the original areas. That will be nice if I ever decide to try expanding my MMO horizons again.

    Same thing about Trove. There were a few bits of info I didn’t know about and I did have been musing about giving it a try some day. So having those information handy will make it easier to try it out. :)

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    • paeroka says:

      I’m glad this information was of use for you then. :)

      I’m working on the lore piece, but it’ll take a while. Summarizing several years of lore plus background story for two games is hard. Trove is easy. They don’t exactly focus on story in their game… ;)


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