Wayfarer Foothills in Shiverpeak Mountains

The following screenshots may look very familiar to my last screenshot gallery, but they’re different zones! It’s all in the details as usual. :)

I was very happy to find the statue of Jora in the Wayfarer Foothills. I’ve been in that region before, but never actually noticed it. Several NPCs talk about it, though, and tell you that the Sons of Svanir are trying to destroy the statue as it’s a thorn in their flesh, reminding them how Jora killed her brother, Svanir centuries ago (my own Tenedra Yeodo was there when it happened and helped, back in Guild Wars 1 – Oh, the nostalgia!).

Wayfarer Foothills is a region for levels 1 to 15. If you’re a Norn, this is where you start.


  1. I like that statue of Jora for different reasons. Back during the beta while I was searching for cool things to take screenshots of, I was on top of the walls of that outpost near it. That is when I found a broken statue and a dead NPC just outside it.

    Curious about the scene I went there to check it out. Once I resurrected the NPC, a dynamic event started to protect him from the Sons of Svanir who didn’t want the statue to be restored. I started to kill some of them, then another guy joined in and we both were able to complete the event successfully. The statue was restored, the NPC went back inside the outpost and I stayed there admiring the norn craftmanship.

    At the time I had no idea who the statue was supposed to be of. All I knew was that it looked beautiful. I also liked that there were dynamic events to restore places that have been destroyed by the enemies, something that until then I wasn’t sure happened.

    In short, it was just something that made me fall more in love with Guild Wars 2. :)


    1. That’s a cool story! :)

      When I was there to take screenshots, I didn’t see the statue destroyed. I defended it with every last illusion that I had! ;) Or did I do those with my engineer? In that case, he put up all the turrets he had. *g*


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