Diessa Plateau in Ascalon

Diessa Plateau is a typical charr region. There are lots of trees and the region is full of bright autumn colours. Then there’s the ruins that are typical for the regions of Ascalon. They remind the travellers that at some point, humans were living here. And in between, there’s newly built charr houses, barracks, and towers. They have a very distinct architecture with lots of shiny metal. Oddly enough, I do not think they look like out of place at all. Even with the pretty nature, they buildings fit into the scenery. Some of their buildings have a foundation of stone that comes out of the ground seamlessly.

I had over 300 screenshots of this region and it took me quite some time (it was a very… iterative process) to decide for the best 55 of them – plus one of the map as usual. Enjoy!


  1. One of the things that most impressed me the first time I stepped on Diessa Plateau is that it looks a lot like an actual warzone. What with the craters, mines and separatists trying to take on unaware charr. Kind of fitting for the charr I guess since which other race would be able to make such an area part of their home.

    Another thing that always comes to my mind when thinking of Diessa Plateau is Meatoberfest. It is at the same time very funny and so much of a charr festival. :)

    Also, I just realized but these two galleries might be the last visual records of how Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills looked “back in the days”. Who knows how the Living Story events might change them!


    1. Since we don’t know if there will be any changes and how many, I thought I should screenshot those two regions now. :) I really do hope that there will be visible changes. It’s one of the details that make this game so great… like the destroyed fountain (that’s back, unfortunately. Much too fast! ^^).

      I didn’t actually pay much attention to the “war side” of the region. Which is probably because I concentrate more on the scenery and stay away from fights. ;) But you can see at least one flying boulder and I had screenshots with explosions. The same explosions can be seeing during the Meatoberfest, but I think the charr are just using those to celebrate there. ;)


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