Snowden Drifts in Shiverpeak Mountains

Snowden Drifts is a region meant for levels 15 – 25. I like being in snowy areas once in a while, especially during summer when (if!) it’s hot outside. Still, it fit to this time of the year. Our Christmas was really rainy and warm, so being in virtual snow was nice.

As is typical for Norn areas, you’ll find lots of Sons of Svanir there, Icebrood and a few Kodan. There is also a portal to Frostgorge Sound which I hadn’t known about until I went through the area again to take those screenshots. :)

I doubt Snowden Drifts will be among my favourite areas, but it’s a nice one nonetheless. I especially liked the Kodan village.


  1. I actually prefer to play in snowy areas during winter time and I avoid them in the summer! For example when I got Skyrim last Christmas there was nothing quite like cuddling up with a nice warm blanket while playing it and it would be snowing in game and outside too. :)


    1. Ooh, I can imagine the cozy atmosphere. Still, I always want what I can’t have, so I like playing in tropical jungle regions during winter. ;)


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