GW2_Wayfarer Foothills_Shiverpeak Mountains_37


  1. This is by far my favourite zone in the game (maybe that’s why i have 3 norns) The texture’s in the snow, the crackling of the camp fires, you can almost feel their warmth.
    Maybe because i’ve never been to the snow in real life?? Or because i explored this place and loved it so much in the beta weekends? I don’t know i just love it!! I love running thru the middle of a blizzard and off in the distance you see a fire buring with a small camp and instantly you have run over there to warm yourself by the fire :)
    These pics are beautiful. Keep them coming :) Also Snowden drifts is another VERY pretty zone ;)


    1. I’ve got enough snow for now (in game and out of the game), so the next zone will be a different one. ;) But you’re right, it is a really pretty zone. Although, to be honest, I haven’t found an ugly zone yet. ;)


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