Find Bookahnerk and win 1 of 5 (EU) in-game t-shirt codes

Guild Wars 2 BookahnerkIf you thought that with our last giveaway, we ran out of codes, you’re wrong! We just thought it’s more fun to keep them and surprise our readers with giveaways during the year. ;)

So today, we are starting our giveaway for 5 codes for Guild Wars 2 in-game t-shirts. As usual, those codes are only valid if you have a European Guild Wars 2 account. I am really sorry about that and there is nothing we can do to change that. :( (Though we do hope there will be more codes for US accounts in the future!)

If you want to win one of our codes, you need to do something: Find Bookahnerk! Go to our Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau screenshot galleries. One of the pictures shows Bookahnerk (the cute little asura seen above). Send us an email and tell us the name of the image (e.g., GW2_Diessa Plateau_Ascalon_999 or GW2_Wayfarer Foothills_Shiverpeak Mountains_999).

GW2_Flummi_Gamescom ShirtIf you haven’t seen it before, the picture on the right shows my asura mesmer, Flummi, in her town clothing and her very own Guild Wars 2 t-shirt. It’s kind of silly, but cool! ;) The t-shirt cannot be dyed, unfortunately. She is also wearing the Guild Wars 2 cap that was available in the gem store for free for some time. That one can be dyed, but it’s apparently not available anymore.


1. Send us an email with the correct answer before February 14, 2013, 20:00 Berlin Time to:
email address

If you’re confused about time zones, have a look here to find your local time.

2. The winners will be announced here on our blog and contacted by email. Please reply before February 21, 2013. If you fail to do that, we will draw another winner.

3. One entry per person! We reserve the right to exclude entries when we think you’re trying to cheat by entering multiple times. Stay fair, please. :)

4. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly, so everybody has the same chance at winning. :)

Please note that comments to this post are disabled. It’d be a bit boring if you could simply look at the comment section to find the correct answer. ;) If you have any additional questions about this giveaway, please use our email address to contact us.