Call to Action: Rift is getting updates again?

Rift Hellbug Skin for Razorbeast

I dared ask the question with the word “updates” – yes, plural!

About a month ago, gamigo was teasing about Rift possibly getting something new. They said that in Q1 2022 we would be getting a “first great update”. Quite obviously, this does not mean “expansion” and nobody should interpret it as Rift getting one any time soon. But “first” implies that there will be more than just one. And “great” is probably a subjective term here.

Yesterday, we got a first short announcement. It mentions “hell” a couple of times, so Rift players (at least the ones I saw discuss it in Rift’s Discord channel) guessed that it would be about Hellbugs. Possibly another “Call to Arms” event. Today, we received a marketing email which confirms it.

This event isn’t anything new. I found a player complaining about it back in 2018 (I have no idea if it really was disappointing or not – I’m just linking to it because it’s from more than 3 years ago). I also know that I have a hellbug pet and a hellbug mount already, but the mount I got as a special promotion they were doing (back when bloggers were getting codes to give away to other players).

Gamigo then says that we’re getting “new quests” (whether they’ll be exciting or not is up to the playerbase to decide).

Rift Skittering Hellbug
One of the Hellbug mounts available in Rift

If you ask me, we shouldn’t expect anything big from that. It sounds like they are doing anything, so it looks like something with the little resources that they have! On the other hand, they are doing something and not killing the game yet. They are also promising that more will come. So it’s basically a very tine little something that may or may not hint at bigger things to come to Rift in the future. If all they’re giving us is these events with a few new quests, then I doubt it will be enough. I may look at the game again when this event drops, even if just to see if there’s more life again on the servers and because I haven’t taken my cleric out for a walk in ages.