Guild Wars 2: Engineer Walkthrough

When the engineer was first introduced by ArenaNet I was disappointed. It seemed to come right out of a first person shooter. However, seeing this walkthrough now, I feel that I’m slowly falling in love with this class, actually. Wouldn’t be the first time I end up playing exactly that class that I disliked the most at first. ;)

Also, I really loved the guns in WoW and enjoyed my engineer in Warhammer Online (until she hit tier 4 while being on a server that was heavily outnumbered by Destruction at that time… never made it out of the T4 warcamp, actually…).

Click the link to watch the video (from San Diego Comic Con. The video is commented by Colin Johanson, so you’ll know what you’re seeing on the screen!): Guild Wars 2 Video Game, SDCC 11: Engineer Walkthrough |