Feeling lost in Guild Wars 2

I got to spend a bit of time in Guild Wars 2 again recently for the first time in months! But there is the feeling that I’ve been having almost every single time that I logged on in the past year or so that I’ve missed so much and I have no idea where or how to find information on what I can or should catch up on in the game.

The good part – it is Guild Wars 2 we’re talking about, after all – is that there is nothing that I have to do and nothing like levels or gear that I need to catch up. It’s just things that I feel I should do or that would be convenient to have (done). For example, I’ve got the raptor mount unlocked as well as the springer and the skimmer one. But that’s it. There is a wiki page showing the other mounts as well as short descriptions on how to get them. I guess that is something I can work on to have some kind of goal. I’m wondering if I need any of these mounts. Because if somebody who didn’t have any of the mounts asked me if they were necessary, then I would say that the springer one kind of is. In most cases, you can just try and find paths to get to your goal, but being able to just jump up on your springer mount saves a lot of time!

Most of my characters don’t have their elite specializations unlocked and I feel that it takes ages to do so… I don’t think I would even want to do that for every single profession, just the ones I like playing (my mesmer and warrior should be fine… I think… but there’s the engineer and the thief).

There is something about cats and the home instances? And what is it with those chairs? Should I finish the living world episodes…?

I remember trying to start with getting the Jackal mount, but I didn’t get far with the required Heart… it’s been a long time ago, so I should probably try again. But do I even need that mount?

So basically, what I am wondering: will I need anything to enjoy myself in the upcoming expansion or could any character who didn’t buy any other expansion (content) still happily enjoy that one? Is there anything I am missing that I really want (the cats… although it’s not dogs, sadly…).


  1. The thing with mounts is that they’re necessary to complete the Path of Fire content and the Living World season 4 and 5 but I believe they said these mounts aren’t required to complete content in End of Dragons. There might be services available in maps where you can rent the necessary mounts.

    So if you want map completion on all the PoF maps, you’ll need the jackal (not the griffon or skyscale) as some points of interest or mastery points won’t be accessible without them.

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    1. Good to know. Unfortunately, that rented jackal was really bad. I could not navigate with that one if I remember correctly. Something made me give up, at least.


  2. The roller beetle is by far the fastest ground mount and the quest to get it is short and quite good fun. There are roller beetle races all over the place that are fun, too.
    The griffin quest is longish and entertaining but the griffin itself is completely outmoded by the Skyscale. The skyscale, which everyone rides all the time, is a real, flying mount that completely trivializes most overland exploration content except where ANet have specifically blocked it. The quest for it is insanely long and tedious. I haven’t bothered with it and now EoD is coming I imagine I never will.
    All the other stuff, cats, chairs etc is pure fluff. Do it for fun but it’s completely irrelevant to anything but your own enjoyment.
    I think the way ANet work, EoD will incorporate elements from previous eras (Mounts, gliders, masteries etc.) but not require them because they don’t want new players having to feel they can’t play the current content until they’ve done everything in the old expansions.

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    1. I know that stuff like cats etc. is fluff – but is it fluff that I feel I should have? Hmm… :p

      Thanks for the summary about the mounts. I’ll try for the Jackal then and maybe the roller beetle. I remember participating in one of the races when it first came out – and being really bad with that one.

      I’m hoping for that as well: Having stuff from earlier expansions can help, but it’s not required. Because then I can just have a fresh start. Both my warrior and my mesmer have ascended armor. It’s only my poor engineer who doesn’t have anything. It takes me ages to farm the materials for the crafting material that can only be created once a day.


  3. Gliding, raptor and springer will become basic functionality in End of Dragons and all the expansion maps are designed with them in mind.


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