Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Humble Choice Game April 2023

Monster Prom 2: Characters

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is part of April’s Humble Choice.

“Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp” brings you more of the world’s best (and maybe only?) multiplayer dating sim; but in a way you’ve never expected!

The “more” doesn’t relate to me, as I have never even heard about these games before. But when it was time to decide whether I want to get this bundle or not, I looked at every game in more detail as I always do… and then decided to skip the month and have my husband give me the key for this game from his as he wasn’t interested in this game.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp was released in 2020 and currently costs 11.99 € on Steam. So basically, if you only want this game but none of the others, it may be better to skip this month’s Humble Choice and wait for a sale on this game. It’s been on sale regularly both at GOG and at Steam for something between 5 and 6 €. However, if you’re on the fence and wondering whether this game adds to the value of getting Humble Choice this month, then maybe I can help you make a decision here.

Monster Prom 2 Map

First of all, I very much appreciate the options in the settings: You can choose, among others, not to have much toilet humor. I cannot stand this kind of “humor” and I’m glad I can keep it out for most of the time (unless it’s part of special events, apparently?). In general, you shouldn’t take this game seriously as it’s just some light-hearted and fun entertainment. I do like the humor that I left in there. Still, I can see that if the toilet humor had still been in there, I wouldn’t have been too happy. But that’s just a very personal preference here.

Monster Prom 2 Dads Toy

You choose one out of four characters in the beginning, choose a name and a pronoun, then the game already starts. At the beginning, you make one choice – for one session it was my favourite music genre, for another, it was my favourite hobby – and then you get matched to one of the characters who shares this interest with you. I haven’t been able to find out if you can still go after one of the other characters then because you get thrown into events with this character most of the time. However, at the very end of the game session, you can choose who you ask to see the meteor shower together.

You go week by week and can choose where to go most of the time – there’s the woods, the lake, the manor, the scout headquarter and camp dome.

I had a very good first impression about the game: The humor is quirky, it’s easy to get into and understand, … until I had to quit the game. When I wanted to return and continue my game a day later, I found out that there are no save games. You either play through one game in one session or you lose all progress. The short game is “only” 30 minutes but I am usually a slow gamer, I watch a series or even a film and tend to take breaks from gaming to pay attention to what happens in said series or film. So for me, positive experience with the game or not, not being able to save a game and resume later is a big “NO!” for me.

Monster Prom 2 Rejection

On my third try, I finally managed to play a short game from beginning to the end. I got rejected, but that didn’t come as a surprise. I also earned some “memories” that I can spend on stuff in the meta shop. I also had a statistics page showing me how many events, etc. I have found now – since I only finished one game, I also only experienced one of the possible endings.

I am still left with some questions, though: What do the stats do that I lose or gain through certain events? Do they influence the choices for the following events? Can I try to romance another character? And does the meta shop have any purpose other than unlocking pictures on the gallery to look at?

Monster Prom 2 Results

So, my personal verdict: The game is fun, light-hearted and the short sessions really don’t require much time to play at all – however, I will never understand how game developers think it’s a good idea not to have a save game feature even for short games like this. As I said in the beginning, because of the price, I do not recommend getting this month’s Humble Choice only for this game. But if you’re on the fence, then this game may add some extra entertainment. But I don’t think it’ll keep most players entertained for long.

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip has a save game feature, apparently. Maybe this is a better fit for me.




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