Bloganuary: What is your favorite screenshot you’ve ever taken?

Finally another bloganuary prompt that fits to my blog! The original asks about a photo which doesn’t quite fit. But screenshots are close enough, I guess.

I don’t really want to go through all of my screenshots now as that would take ages (‘ve got more than 5400 images uploaded) and I don’t have a favorite one ready to name. But I am pretty sure that even after going through all of them, my winner would be a screenshot from Guild Wars 2. For one, because it’s a really pretty game. But also, because the vast majority of screenshots are from that game!

The featured image above is not my favorite, but it’s close. So it got that spot up there which is probably a lot more prominent than the position within the blog post. But let’s look at it like a teaser…

Here comes my favorite:

There are others that show much more of the city or even more of the charr architecture, but I love the way the sun shines through the window. Especially with most of the Black Citadel being dark and rather black. I think the Black Citadel is the city I spent the least amount of time in, but it is also my favourite when it comes to looks despite the dark surfaces! I love the mix of old (human) architecture and new (charr) buildings. Also, the metal shines so nicely in the sun!


What do you think?

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