What to do with gamigo…

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I totally missed this piece of news from the latest investor report about gamigo’s plans for their games in 2022. Massively reported about it in November (other outlets, too, but this is where I found the news now): Rift is supposed to be getting “a first great update […] in Q1 2022”.

On the one hand, I am curious what they have for Rift and it sounds as if it’s not a complete lost cause for them. On the other hand, I am very skeptical that they can or want to give the players anything substantial.

And on my third hand, I also find it completely unacceptable of them to stop the development of Atlas Rogues (also mentioned in that investor report) because it did not meet their expectations. They sold the game to us while it is still in development. Yes, I am fully aware that buying something in Early Access doesn’t mean it will ever be officially released or finished. But how can you say that it wasn’t doing well enough when it was… as is expected… unfinished? How many games get released into Early Access being unfinished and having a lot of players complain that there isn’t enough content, warning others to stay away because it’s unfinished and buggy? That’s the very essence of what Early Access it: A game in development that needs to be polished and filled with content. If gamigo doesn’t want to stick with that, they shouldn’t have put it there in the first place. As it stands, I guess they wanted to get money with as little effort as possible.

They should have gone with Kickstarter instead. That way, they could have put the asking price in there and if there were enough people backing and paying, then the game would get developed. But the way they did it, they went on and on about how amazing their new version was and how great it would be just to then turn silent from one minute to the other and then not even give us an official announcement that development stopped.

In fact, on the game’s official Discord server, this message was posted on December 13:

“New functionality of your Glyph client

Dear Community, From now on, you won’t miss any news, great promotions or even great events in Atlas Rogues ever again!”

In my opinion, it’s just very rude to treat your customers like that. The game can even still be bought on Steam and on their website.

So yes, I would love to see new content for my beloved Rift and for that MMO to come back to life. But I don’t trust this company at all, so I very much doubt anything positive they have to say or announce about Rift.