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WoW Paeroka Undead warlock

I got inspired to write about my blogging history after reading Naithin’s post about his. This blog right here, Nerdy Bookahs, turned 11 years old in March. But it wasn’t the first time I blogged.

It feels like an eternity ago when I started my Deadjournal, because at first, I didn’t have an invitation code for Livejournal. I soon got one, though, and mostly sticked to Livejournal after a while (my Deadjournal was created in April 2002, Livejournal followed in May 2003). I also used GreatestJournal and other sites for playing RPGs. But almost all of my blogging happened on Livejournal.

Apart from personal blogging, Livejournal also was the platform where I first read posts from other gamers. Most notably, the wow_ladies community on Livejournal where I also made a few posts. At some point in 2008, I also decided to write about WoW a bit, in German though. However, this didn’t last long. I left World of Warcraft for a while and didn’t see the need to continue writing there. For whatever reason, it didn’t occur to me that I could also blog about other games than WoW!

Three years later, I finally had the idea and the courage to blog again, as I had always been uncertain if I even had anything interesting to say. The main reason behind starting the new blog (this one here) was the upcoming Guild Wars 2. The other reason was that I wanted to keep practicing my English. Nerdy Bookahs – as some of you may have noticed, the blog’s name is plural! – was supposed to be a blog for me and my husband, bookahnerk. But after eight blog posts, he decided he’s done enough and retired. My biggest worry at the time when I started with the blog was that I wouldn’t have any readers. Nowadays, I think more along the lines of “if there is even one person out there who enjoys this post, I’ve achieved my goal”. Or, on some days, “I had fun writing this blog post” suffices as well. I still kept the original name and bookahnerk is listed as an author as well. It would just feel weird and sad to change it to singular… one nerdy bookah.

Over the course of my blogging endeavours, I also wrote for other Guild Wars 2 fansites: Talk Tyria, Guildmag and Dragon Season. Talk Tyria doesn’t exist anymore, but I cross-posted one post here and one other here. I don’t remember when I wrote for Guildmag and, oddly enough, I don’t remember what I wrote there. The website for Dragon Season also doesn’t exist anymore. Man, you’re making me feel old… being one of the few blogs still “alive”.

My personal highlight throughout all the years of blogging happened right at the start of Nerdy Bookahs. I had gotten invited to the Guild Wars 2 EUFanDay hosted by ArenaNet in Brighton. All expenses were paid for: hotel, flight, food. I had never had something like this happen to me! And ArenaNet hadn’t even asked for anything in return. At first, they hadn’t even wanted us to write about the game experience (we got to test Guild Wars 2 during our stay), but then they had changed their minds and let us write about the game. It did lead to community-building, though. I got to meet so many people all of whom were excited about Guild Wars 2 and all of us had had a fansite or a blog about the game. This was when I first met Tilion from Dragon Season. We have become close friends since then and I like to call him my little brother – who is much taller than me. We also just managed to meet each other again offline when he stopped by here at our place during his summer trip through Europe.

So basically, this is my blogging history spruced with a lot of nostalgia. Nowadays, I am still writing about Guild Wars 2, but I have since learned that I can write about more than just one single game! So, no matter which MMO or indie game I’m currently enjoying, this little blog here isn’t going away.

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