Goodbye, Atlas Rogues?

I do not have much hope left for Atlas Rogues. And even though there’s been a lot of criticism about the new take on the Atlas Reactor IP (no PvP, no simultaneous turns) and game-breaking bugs ( it IS in early access, after all), I had a lot of hope for this game. Reviews on Steam are mixed with 62 % favourable reviews. That’s not too bad, actually. Almost 2 out of 3 people like the game enough to recommend it. And I’m quite certain that from the 38 % negative reviews, there are some people in there that do not recommend the game as it is, but that see potential once the bugs are removed and development is further along.

However, it seems that we will not see that day…

The last update happened at the end of April. It seems that after that, there has been no communication from the developers whatsoever. It’s  not the lack of patches that tells me game development stopped. This can happen when there is a lot of development going on in the background. But usually, we’re at least getting some kind of reassurance that the game is still being worked on or updates on what they are working on (no matter how unspecific and general these are). Here, however, there is nothing.

Mobi used to post updates on the game’s Steam page. The last posts from April 28, however, were posted by Vilya (on Steam). Vilya has exactly three posts there and all of them were posted on the same day: April 28. It’s like this person didn’t exist before that date. On the game’s Discord server, Vilya posted twice about restarting the servers. Another piece of information there is that they do not have any other information except for the server restarts.

I don’t have any insights into game development, but I find it odd that a game that clearly does show potential and that is in Early Access doesn’t get any more patches and updates. Gamigo isn’t broke, so that’s not a reason as can happen with independent developers. Has gamigo already lost faith in its product? Or were they expecting all former Atlas Reactor players to be over the moon to get their game back and the negative reviews completely discouraged them now? Although that’s not likely seeing how the focus of the game shifted from PvP to PvE… who cares about the previous PvP players, right? I, personally, almost exclusively played the PvE mode of Atlas Reactor, but I can see how PvP is more exciting! What bugs me is the missing simultaneous turns as that’s what made this game so very unique to me. Maybe it could have survived in some form with Atlas Rogues. But even without that, I still enjoyed the game… until I ran into bugs that didn’t let me progress. That was when I told myself to wait until the game’s closer to release… something that may never happen now.

As a verdict and a consequence, I will be very skeptical with anything that gamigo wants to sell me from now on and will rather spend my money elsewhere…


What do you think?

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