Atlas Rogue: Early Access on November 18

Atlas Reactor Rask Style Golden Warrior

Early Access for Atlas Rogue will start on November 18.

After looking at all my previous screenshots I realized that I did actually play a lot of PvP… during the alpha with a limited pool of players. I felt very comfortable there and then stopped once the game opened for more people. The community wasn’t toxic at all, or at least I never experienced or saw anything toxic. The general chat in the lobby could be a bit… weird… at times. But I don’t remember anything toxic. I just felt more comfortable playing solo only.

What I’m wondering is what kind of payment system they will use. Will it be buy to play? Will it be with or without microtransactions? Since it’s gamigo we’re talking about, I am actually pretty sure it will come with microtransactions and probably also lockboxes or something like that.

atlas reactor su ren shifting winds

We already know a couple of things about the game. For example, that we will have four freelancers to use at the beginning: Zuki, Helio, Lockwood and Garrison. PvP is not currently planned but the wish for it was heard.

And the biggest change from the original game: No more simultaneous turns. Yes, you read it right. Whenever I explained what Atlas Reactor is, I said that it’s a turn-based MOBA but with a twist: Turns are simultaneous!

Atlas Reactor PvP with Lockwood

It’s still turn-based, at least, but it does seem to rip off what made the game unique. The very thing that set this game apart from every other game I’ve played was the simultaneous turns. You had to plan and wonder what the enemy would do. Do you want to dodge because you think Nix will shoot in your direction? Only to then dodge right into another freelancer’s shooting range who used an ability that first let him sprint somewhere and then turn around and shoot sidewards. You had to guess and predict what the other side would do. This also meant funny moves like the example I mentioned where what you thought the other side would do didn’t happen and instead, you ended up in a trap! Seriously, this is what made Atlas Reactor. Strip that away and you’ve got… well, probably still a really nice game but where is what made it special and unique? It’s now a turn-based tactics game. So, is this really a wise decision? I guess we will see!

I still want to check out the game, but my enthusiasm died down a little when I realized that they took this part away.

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