Turn-based games to the rescue!

Baby girl arrived about a month ago and since then, quite obviously, my free time has been severely limited. When she is sleeping, since she absolutely refuses to sleep in her own bed, I usually only have one hand free as she prefers sleeping on my lap or on a pillow right next to me. Sometimes I can also access the keyboard of my laptop, but most of the time, the mouse is all I have. I am using the Kensington Orbit mouse. This mouse comes with a trackball, so it is stationary and doesn’t need to be moved on a surface. It works perfectly even when it’s placed on the couch next to us.

My poor little mage in WoW BC Classic has to wait until baby girl is older, before I can level her and maybe bring her into Outland. And with the recent announcement of what to expect in Guild Wars 2’s next expansion, I really want to get back to playing this game again! But this one will have to wait even longer than WoW, because it isn’t really the kind of MMO where you just go mindlessly grind some mobs in order to advance in levels.

The selection of games that I can actually play, when she’s asleep, is quite small. Turn-based games are perfect or maybe slowish games that I can easily pause. Everything has to be clickable on the interface. Additionally, because this isn’t limiting enough yet, my laptop is not a gaming machine. So I need to rely on Steam’s streaming feature to stream from my desktop PC or it has to be an older game that doesn’t require much.

XCOM Chimera Squad

So far, Civilization VI works really well for me. But I am not sure I still like this game too much. I would absolutely love to play Old World, but it’s only on the Epic Store which doesn’t have such a streaming feature, unfortunately. Dorfromantik almost works… It’s not turn-based, but time isn’t an issue here either. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be edge-scrolling which is also necessary because I can’t reach the WASD keys all of the time. I got into XCOM: Chimera Squad, which fits all the criteria. But with a recent update, the game doesn’t start anymore from the launcher. So now I’m wondering what else I could play… I guess CIV VI it is, then. Or maybe Civ IV or V, just for the fun of it?


  1. Going back to the older civs will be a huge difference if you’ve only been playing VI the past year (or longer). It might keep you occupied for a bit longer :) I’m gald you can still find some time for gaming while taking care of the little one.


    1. Yeah, the stack of doom in CIV IV, but I loved taking over other cities by having a much higher culture. The time is very much limited to maybe ten minutes here or there, but it’s slowly getting better. And there’s only so much Netflix and weird documentaries you can watch before going crazy… :p


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