Screenshot Saturday: Dragons

WoW dragon smile

Last weekend we went to Berlin to meet up with two Guild Wars 2 guild mates (from Greece and Poland, respectively). So, we had a very little international guild meeting! This is still one of my favourite parts of online games: Getting to know  people from all over the world and finding friends who become an important part of your life. But that’s one reason why I had decided to skip Screenshot Saturday. Another reason for being quieter altogether here is that I’m dealing with a few issues in my life currently that I hope to get sorted by the end of the month.

The scene above looks pretty impressive if you ask me. Whoever designed it did a great job! Unfortunately, the story part of fighting the dragon there was less impressive. But it still doesn’t take away from the breathtaking graphics! It’s Kralkatorrik in Guild Wars 2, by the way. And as you can probably tell, it’s huge!

Unfortunately, I had not had the time to hide the UI and name plates in time when fighting the dragon in Elder Scrolls Online. I always think pictures look much less impressive with all the UI visible. But well, I had just found two NPCs and decided to get off my Guar mount to rest a bit (read: To take a look at my Twitter timeline on my second monitor) when I noticed some movement behind my character. I turned around and saw that the peaceful atmosphere had changed as a big dragon had landed and lots of players were fighting it. Luckily, you can join the fight simply by attacking that thing and I even got a nice new ring as a reward at the end!

And the featured image above is from World of Warcraft, years ago, when it was still rather difficult to get that dragon flying mount. Or not so much difficult as time-consuming. Not quite as impressive as the others, though.


  1. Dude that Kralkatorrik right was bonkers. Loved it! I still need to get back to the latest episode and finish getting the new mount.

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