Free on Steam: Regions of Ruin

Regions of Ruins is currently free on Steam (until April 7). That means that if you get it now, you get to keep it completely for free! A week or so ago, bookahnerk considered buying this game. Thankfully (for him, not for the developers), he didn’t.

It’s a side-scrolling game where you try to build and grow a settlement and fight against goblins… maybe others as well later, but goblins are all that I’ve encountered yet. You can meet and sometimes need to rescue strangers who will join you. Then you also need to gather resources to grow your settlement and explore the area. It does remind me a bit of Terraria, but probably because of the graphics and the side-scrolling. You can’t dig your way into the ground or build something brick by brick. The combat is a bit fiddly, but that’s mostly because I chose to do everything with the keyboard instead of the more usual keyboard + mouse way. It does allow you to change the keybindings which is always a big plus for me.

It seems to be a neat game and it came free. Perfect for these weekends where you sit around and wonder what you’re going to do with all the free time now that you avoid doing your weekly grocery shopping on a Saturday when the queues in front of the supermarket have gotten uncomfortably long. And – no change here – while you’re trying to ignore all the other chores that you should be doing.