My mini mes in 2020

It’s become a bit of a tradition to show off my mini mes during blogging months. Back in August 2015, I made the first post. Then there was a bit of a gap until November 2018 where I did the second one. August 2019 had the third post.

And now it’s time for the fourth one. Here are my Mini Mes.

The first game is WoW Classic: There’s my level 60 undead warlock.

And I’ve got two alts that I’m levelling: My orc shaman and my undead mage.

The second game is Elder Scrolls Online where I’m actually only playing my Argonian lately.

Since I haven’t been playing LotRO lately, it really is down to two MMOs.

But why did I limit myself to MMOs in the first place?

My presidenta from Tropico 6!

And then there’s also an avatar in Planet Zoo!