Blogger Recognition Award 2020

Blapril 2020

I got tagged by Krikket from Nerd Girl Thoughts for the Blogger Recognition Award 2020. Thank you and I’m happy to join in! :)

The Rules

  1. Thank the wonderful person who nominated you and leave a link back to their blogs.
  2. Explain your blog’s origin story or its history.
  3. Hand out two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  4. Nominate other bloggers and hook us up with links to their blogs.

Well, I did number one above. But just in case anybody missed it: Follow this link to get to Nerd Girl Thoughts!

I shared my blog’s origin in the past already, so I’m going back a bit further this time.

Years and years ago, I’d been very active on Livejournal. I had been watching my then-boyfriend (now husband) get sucked into World of Warcraft (we’d been together for two months when the game released here in Europe – and yes, the relationship obviously survived this!). I’d been curious about the game as I did know and played computer games, but an MMORPG was completely new territory. But I had been concerned that it would take away too much time from my studies. Still, it was fascinating and so I joined WoW-related communities on Livejournal. Later, when I had started playing the game myself, I also started writing more actively in these communities. So, I had experience with personal blogging and then posting in these communities. I quit World of Warcraft at some point. Life went on. Other MMOs came and… stayed or went down again. Then Rift came up and ArenaNet had also started talking about Guild Wars 2. Back at the time, I was reading a lot of scientific articles which were in English. But I wasn’t actively using the language much anymore. I was already familiar with other blogs – mostly Syp with his Waaagh blog, actually, and Massively, too. It just seemed like a logical step to start a blog of my own, in English, to continue using the language. I knew it would be all about Guild Wars 2, but I actually started writing about Rift at the time as that game had just gotten released (so we kind of share our anniversary). The very first blog posts appeared on, but that was more experimental to see if I liked it at all. When I knew I did, I created “Nerdy Bookahs” together with bookahnerk, although he’s not participating anymore nowadays.

So this is the history behind Nerdy Bookahs.

I never really know what advice to give to other bloggers. I’m mostly doing things the way I feel comfortable with them and not how others think it should be done – I’m not saying I don’t listen to other people’s advice, but sites like etc. sometimes give fancy tips on how to grow your readership or how you should finish your blog posts with a question in order to get readers to leave comments etc. and I don’t like doing that! So maybe this is some piece of advice: Take in suggestions and advice and then do what you’re comfortable with. Don’t let yourself get stressed out by “how blogging should be done”!

As always, I’m not tagging anybody, because I have no idea who else got tagged already. If you haven’t gotten tagged yet, then please consider yourself tagged now, by me!

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