Screenshot Saturday: WoW Classic Launch

Home again. This time for real.

The image below was taken five minutes after WoW Classic launched. This was on the second German PvE server, Razorfen. We have since switched to Lakeshire which hasn’t had any bad queues so far. Razorfen’s queue has calmed down as well, though, since Blizzard increased the servers’ capacity.

Wow Classic Launch 00:05 Razorfen EU German PvE server

The question which character will be my main is still up in the air, I guess. I have a gnome warlock on Everlook, but haven’t managed to play her much because the queues are too long (compared to 0 queues on Lakeshire…). I thought I’d be playing my orc shaman as my main… but then this morning, I logged in with my troll hunter and only wanted to bring her to the inn, so she can earn rested XP… I haven’t levelled any other class as fast as I’ve levelled her, though, and I think once she has her raptor (no doubt a raptor will be my main pet again as it’s always been), she’ll be super fun to play. Just not in instances. People have too many prejudices against hunters… :p And I always get super anxious about making any stupid hunter mistakes with her… “Hey, hunter, where is your pet?” – Last sentence uttered by one of the others in the party…

Firga - Troll Hunter in WoW Classic

I am mostly playing with the old graphics. Not sure which settings I’ve tweaked. But the shadows are original WoW Classic. Just one blob under the character! I remember that around that time back then, games appeared that had more realistic shadows and I always thought: I don’t need them. The blob is fine! And it still is, but yeah, realistic shadows are sweet and it’s amazing how far technology has come (says the person who’s first computer was a Commodore 64, please keep that in mind when reading!).