Last day of Blaugust 2019

The number in my archive for August shows “32” (33 once I hit “publish” for this post). I didn’t publish a blog post every day, but I had days with more than one blog post. So altogether, I did post once a day… and two extra posts for good measure. It’s been refreshing, fun, and not as stressful as I thought it would be. I have learned that it’s perfectly okay and acceptable to write shorter posts with thoughts in between my first impression reviews that always take longer to write, or other more in-depth blog posts.

I did manage to keep the blog posts that mostly consist of one or two screenshots to a minimum.

But most of all, I got to know new bloggers (new for me, some also new to blogging) and I have found a few blogs that I’m going to continue reading. Though admittedly, not as many as I had hoped. And that’s not the fault of the other Blaugusters, but mine! I had set my mind on reading other people’s blogs often, but I did fail there. I’ve had some things to deal with in RL (good news, though, I got a new job and it’s one I’ve been trying to get into for 1.5 years!). But I’m going to keep the blogroll of Blaugust 2019 participants on my blog for a while (scroll down until you can see the title “Blaugust 2019” on the right to see them), so I will definitely take the time to read them in September.

Altogether, I would say that Blaugust has been a success once more! For me personally, because I got to spend more time with my hobby again, and in general, as I’ve seen a lot of blog posts appear from other participants.